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Our laundry is cleaned in a local, professional facility on commercial equipment. (Not in someone's home like competitors!)


Click 'Start Your Order' or download the 'Clean Cloud' mobile app to place an order. Make sure to choose Rinse'n'Run.


Put your first order in any container or bag & set it out for pickup. NOTE: We will return your order in a free laundry bag.


We will pickup your laundry on the designated date/time. We will wash, dry, fold and return it within 24 - 48 hours.

Get to Know Rinse'n'Run

My Name is Elise and I own Rinse'n'Run..

I live in Spring and I have 4 kids. My husband and I have spent YEARS of our lives doing laundry. Yes, laundry is essential but no fun at all. There are so many better ways to spend our time. And "time" is the one commodity we do not have enough of! When the kids were little, I missed so many special moments because I felt buried in the laundry room.

I wanted to change this for other busy moms. So we bought and revitalized a laundromat in the Woodlands/Spring TX. Our goal is to provide a locally-owned laundry service that picks up your laundry and returns it fresh and folded in 24 hours in a friendly & neighborly way!

We are fully staffed with new commercial grade machines and ready to finally launch this service. Of course, you can always stop in, say hi and wash your own laundry. But we want to do it for you! You can drop it off in person or via our site lockers. OR we can pick it up from your doorstep. We use this website or the Clean Cloud mobile app for drop off or pickup

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Notes from Customers

We know this is a big step. But you can relax and trust that we will take special care of your clothes!

I love this place. It’s impeccably clean, it has a great vibe. Smells good. Looks good. I had a wonderful time here, I wash my clothes at laundromats simply because I like them. And this one is the best one I’ve been to. Small enough so it’s not too busy. Big enough to spread out. Very well lit. They have mobile pay options. Hours are late. It’s just a wonderful place!
Lola C
Under new management and the family that owns it is fantastic! Super clean and lots of washers and dryers to choose from. They also have a kid area which is super nice as a mom. The staff working are super friendly and very helpful. Definitely coming back!!
Vivian N
I have 4 kids at home. Their pickup and delivery laundry service may be my favorite thing in 2021!
Erin B
This has been an absolutely wonderful experience. This location is clean and welcoming. It feels very safe and I enjoy my time sitting here while I wait on the machines!
Aleena R

Pickup and Delivery Laundry Questions

We know this is a big step. But you can relax and trust that we will take special care of your clothes!

Can I pick the temperature?

Yes, just let us know in the notes section. By default, we wash whites and light colors on warm. And we wash dark colors on cold.

Do I buy a delivery bag?

We provide you with a free delivery bag with your first order. Place your initial order in any type of bag. We will return your order in one of our nice delivery bags. You can then use that bag going forward. If you need extra, you can order them in the Merchandise section of the app and we will deliver them to your house. But you do not have to use our bag. If you want to use yours, we will simply weigh it before and after your order and charge you per pound.

Do you pretreat stains?

We do keep a look out for and treat large and obvious stains, but we can’t catch everything. We recommend treating stubborn stains at home.

Do you sort the clothes?

We recommend that you sort the colors and whites at home. Our attendants will simply add each bags contents into its own washer. However, they do check to make sure dark socks don't sneak into a load of a load of whites!

How fast will I get my order?

Orders can be placed for 24 hours or 48 hours. It is a little cheaper for 48 hours. You are also free to stop by the store and pick it up if it is ready faster than scheduled.

How much will I spend?

The average 4 person household washes 8 loads or 60 pounds of laundry per week. This takes about 10 – 12 hours. Who has time for that?? We charge a flat rate of $16.95 per delivery bag. These bags are 18" x 10" x 15” and typically hold about 20 pounds. So to wash 3 of our delivery bags each week at $16.95 per bag will cost about $50 per week (plus a single $6.95 pick-up & delivery fee.

What about delicate clothes?

If you place delicate items into a laundry pouch and place them in the bag, we will wash them but not dry them. Make sure to mention that in the Notes section.

What can not go in the bag?

If you would put it in your washing machine, then our team can likely do the same. We cannot accept items with bodily fluids from a human or pet, bedbugs, lice, poison ivy/oak oils, hazardous chemical residue, specialty care clothing items, wedding dresses, costumes, hats/headwear or shoes.

What choices do I have?

Choose between liquid Gain, Tide, ALL Unscented or Persil when registering. We stock Downey, Gain & Suavitel for fabric softener. For dryers sheets we can use Gain, Snuggle or Bounce. If you prefer something special, feel free to supply it and we would be happy to use it.