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Tailored For Dry Cleaners

CleanCloud is a Point of Sales software solution perfectly tailored for dry cleaners and laundry services.
You'll find it instantly familiar, easy to use, simple and powerful.

Easy to use on any device

CleanCloud works on any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone to digitize your dry cleaning business, supplying first class features with lighting performance to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Cloud Benefits

Being cloud based there is no need for costly specialist hardware. This brings other benefits including free backups, instant upgrades, no viruses affecting your data, and the ability to access your system from anywhere.

Fully Customizable

CleanCloud starts off with a preset configuration but your product list, pricing, business information and settings can be easily tailored to fit your requirements and will be updated instantly.

The complete point of sales experience for your store

We'll help you create a beautiful point of sales experience for your business, whether you have 1 store or 100+. Giving you the choice of hardware and helping you to find the most cost effective setup to deploy across your stores.

If you run a pickup and delivery service your customers can use your branded store to book pickups via our iOS and Android apps or your website.

Expand your Business

CleanCloud customers increase productivity and profits

Our Dry Cleaners Succeed

Dry Cleaners that use CleanCloud report an increase in customer satisfaction and staff efficiency as well as better management of their business.

Most importantly dry cleaners that have been with CleanCloud for over a year report significant improvements in their average revenue and order numbers.

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32%More Orders

Unlock New Business Opportunities

Using CleanCloud you can leap past your competitors by taking advantage of some of our standout features:

  • Expand your network of stores and manage them centrally
  • Run an app powered pick up and delivery service
  • Offer your customers a monthly subscription service
  • Start a kiosk/booth with drop shoot service
  • Utilize locker drop off locations
  • Learn more about our features ›

    Use the Hardware you Love

    CleanCloud works on PCs, Macs, iPads & Tablets and Smartphones. It can be operated using touchscreens and/or mouse and keyboard.

    With no need for costly specialist hardware you can get started straight away with a low cost receipt printer and/or garment tag printer.

    Explore Features

    Fast, powerful, secure and easy to use.

    SMS & Email Notifications

    Instantly notify your customers with E-tickets and order status updates

    Printers & Cash Drawers

    Support for most receipt, garment tag, and barcode label printers and cash drawers

    Barcode Scanners

    Quickly scan orders and garments and assign rack location


    Accept in-store payments, store customer credit cards and accept online payments

    Track orders

    Reduce mistakes with step-by-step order tracking and detailed garment notes

    Performance Metrics

    Track performance & growth with easy to use Metrics

    Access from Anywhere

    Keep track of your stores, no matter your location

    Staff Accounts

    Assign custom permissions & track performance

    Monthly Invoicing

    Monthly billing and one-click email invoice your customers

    Business Accounts

    Assign customers to a business for business invoicing

    Auto Reminders

    We automatically send Email & SMS reminders for late pick ups sitting in your inventory

    Loyalty Discounts

    Create discount rules that will be assigned to your customers based on their purchases

    Cash Up Tool

    Make sure your staff reliably cash up at the end of the day

    Batch Invoice

    Print out all your active Invoices with one click each month

    Sync Accounting Data

    Sync your store(s) revenue data with Xero Accounting Software

    Online Delivery App

    Give your customers iOS and Android apps to quickly book and manage their orders from their phones. The orders will go straight intto your Point of Sales system. Learn more about this service ›

    Delivery Routes and Journer Planner

    Assign your customers to routes and use our route optimizer tools and integrations to help your drivers efficiently pickup and drop-off your orders, as well as update their status from the road.

    Plant Mode

    Link all your Stores together and give the staff in your Plant easy to use software to centrally manage the cleaning process for all of your stores on one page

    Detailed Reports for All Your Stores

    Get Accounting Reports for all of your stores on one page and download detailed reports for all of them with one click

    Daily Backups

    We backup your data everyday to independent servers. Making sure you will never lose your data to a hard drive crash, theft or damage again

    Secure Credit Card Storage

    PCI Compliant storing of your customers' credit cards allows you to accept online payments, securely store their credit card details and charge them with one-click for future orders

    Encrypted Connection

    All data sent to and from our server is sent over a secure and encrypted TLS HTTPS connection

    Offline Functionality

    If you lose your internet connection you can still submit new orders and mark orders as cleaned. We'll automtically sync them once your connection restores

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    • 150 Orders per month
    • Unlimited Staff Accounts
    • Unlimited Customers



    • 1,500 Orders per month
    • Unlimited Staff Accounts
    • Unlimited Customers
    • 24/7 Email Support



    • Unlimited Orders per month
    • Unlimited Staff Accounts
    • Unlimited Customers
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • Route Optimization Tools
    • Booking Apps for Customers

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    Loved by thousands of dry cleaners worldwide

    Find out why our users love using CleanCloud

    As a new start up, I was looking for a dry cleaning software that was easy to use and affordable. I came across CleanCloud online and to say that I am anything less than incredibly impressed would be untrue. Not only is the software powerful and easy to use, but the CleanCloud team behind the software is just as amazing. Any time I have an idea or suggestion, the support team instantly responds and does whatever they can to cater to my needs. If you are looking for a dry cleaning software for your business, you would be foolish to look anywhere else besides CleanCloud.

    Steven Press Direct, USA

    Not only have I found CleanCloud to be a great software to use, but my staff find It very user friendly which is a great relief as I found other dry cleaning software to be complicated and also time consuming as they take a long time to get used to. With new features being added weekly everyone at Dry Ice has found CleanCloud to be a key tool in organizing our store and improving the experience for our customers.

    Ben Dry Ice Dry Cleaners, UK

    This company empowers small business owners to think big! The system is easy to use and because it is cloud-based it is accessible remotely on all devices from anywhere. This helps because it makes tech support even better! If there is a problem the support staff can fix it remotely, also they make updates through the cloud.

    Michael CleanCloset, USA

    After launching our new pickup and delivery business with a traditional POS, our transition to CleanCloud has allowed for a significantly easier process for us (the dry cleaner) and our customers. For the customer, the online booking tool, email notifications and online payment make the dry cleaning pickup and delivery experience seamless. For the dry cleaner, the ability to check in an order from a cell phone, receive payment before delivery and check day-to-day analytics on the go has been fantastic.

    Jonathan Dry Cleaners Toronto, Canada

    Far and away the best dry cleaning software solution out there. The software has saved us money and increased the output of our dry cleaning stores. We have also received a lot of useful updates since signing up which have been great.

    Mark Harveys Dry Cleaners, UK

    CleanCloud has allowed us to better manage our dry cleaning business with many stores and a central plant, as well as allowing us to enter new markets that we weren't able to do before. Our staff have taken to the software well, minimizing our training costs and reducing mislaid garments and uncollected orders.

    Stephen DryCleanIT, Ireland

    I thought we would give CleanCloud a try since there was a free trial. Couldn't be more impressed by the functionality and ease of use of everything. Did I mention customer support is incredible? Most of the time my problem or issue was either addressed or fixed the same day. It took us 3 weeks from the time I signed up, to the time we implemented CleanCloud into our store and had our employees trained.

    Best decision we have made for our business!

    Nick Rainbow Dry Cleaners, USA

    I have recently launched CleanCloud in my business and it is truly helpful and eases my day to day operation, i can monitor everything remotely through whatever device i am using. The support team are more than responsive to any comments or adjustment requested.

    Ahmed Golden Class Dry Clean, United Arab Emirates

    Pickup and Delivery apps for your customers

    If you are running a pickup and delivery service, locker drop off or kiosk service then CleanCloud provides you with your own branded mobile-friendly store and smartphone apps that will have your customers ordering with just a few taps.

    Supercharge your Business

    With the smartphone app directly connected to your CleanCloud account, you'll have full control of your account and see your orders arrive in real-time.

    Get it on Google Play

    Delivery Routes

    If you deliver orders to your customers you can set multiple routes and stops for your drivers. This provides them with an ordered printout for their deliveries, and one tap access to Google Maps Navigation for directions to each address.

    Integrates with your Website

    Our tool can be easily embeded into your existing website with just a couple of lines of code.

    Ready to Revolutionize your Dry Cleaning Business?