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Point of sale icon Point of Sale

Works on any device

PC (Desktop or Laptop), Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebooks

iPad app

We offer a dedicated app for iPad

Email & SMS Notifications

Automatically keep your customers informed about their order status

Automatic Reminders

Automatically remind your customers by email and/or SMS if they are late picking up their order

Fully Customizable

Set Products, Sections, Pricing, Icons, Colors, Custom Items, Products by Weight & More

Upcharges & Item Notes

Add upcharges, damage, stain, color and detailed notes to individual items

Printer Support

Support for Receipt printers, Garment Tag printers and Heat Seal Barcode Label printers

Heat Seal Barcode Labels

Support for pre-printed barcode labels and/or print your own barcode labels


Support for assisted assembly, as well as auto assembly with MetalProgetti and QuickSort

Barcode Scanning

Support for most barcode scanners, allowing you to scan orders and/or garments


Invoice customers & business accounts via printable PDF and/or Email

Batch Invoice

Invoice all of your relevant customers for a month with one click


Offer subscriptions to your customers, with product overage fees

Rack Location

Assign rack location and notes when you have cleaned the order

Split Tickets

Seamlessly create multiple orders according to your conditions

Locker and Code support

Automatically send Locker Number and Code to your customers when you have completed an order

Staff Tracking

Monitor staff activity, edits, logins and hours to assist with payroll and training

Garment Tracking

Track individual garments as they are moving through your workflow

Payout Tracking

Track payouts from cash drawer for better monitoring and cash up

Multiple Price Lists

Create custom price lists for different customer segments

Discounts, Credit, Promo Codes

Assign discounts and credit to customer accounts, and use Promo Codes to boost business

Batch Process

Process multiple orders and/or payments in a batch to save time

Loyalty Points Scheme

Boost customer spending with a loyalty points to credit scheme

Inventory Management

Track stock levels for retail products and receive automatic alerts when you have low stock

Photos of Garments

Upload photos of garments to keep track of garment condition and stains

Speed Queen & Huebsch NEW

Integration with Speed Queen and Huebsch Apps for taking payment

Laundry Cards

Integrations with LaundryCard, FasCard, Laundroworks & SpyderWash to help you run your laundromat

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Pickup and Delivery icon Pickup and Delivery

iOS and Android apps

iOS and Android apps with your branded store that your customers can use to book pickup and delivery orders

Web Based Order Tool

Embed a web based order tool with your branded store into your website with one line of HTML code

Payment Integrations

Securely store customer credit card information so you can charge for their orders with one click

DoorDash Integration

Use DoorDash's driver network to help power your pickup and delivery service

Fully Customizable

Change colors, apply your branding and tweak hundreds of options to match your business model

Route Planning

Use our route optimizer tools to make sure your drivers are using the best routes on their rounds

Driver App

Have your drivers use our iOS and Android Driver apps with location tracking and signature support

Fleet Management

Effectively manage the dispatching of your drivers with our Tookan and OnFleet integrations

Recurring Pickups

Customers can schedule repeat pickup slots, and will be reminded the day before their regular pickup


Offer subscriptions to your customers, with product overage fees

Promo & Referral Codes

Offer Promo Codes and Referral Incentives to drive new customer acquisition


Assign GeoFences to your pickup and delivery routes and prevent incorrect customer signups

API Access

If you have your own apps you can send in orders and customers to CleanCloud's API

Driver Tip

Customers can add a tip for your driver. Adding another revenue stream for your business

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Laundromats / Wash and Fold icon Laundromats / Wash and Fold

Track Wash and Fold

Assign orders to washers and dryers and view their activity

Machine Maintenance

Track your machine costs and repair history

Track Payouts

Track all cash drawer payouts done by your staff

Speed Queen & Huebsch NEW

Integration with Speed Queen and Huebsch Apps for taking payment

Laundry Cards

Integrations with LaundryCard, FasCard, Laundroworks & SpyderWash

Weight Scales

Weight scale integration to speed up order speeds and accountability

Track Outsourcing

Keep track of orders you outsource to a dry cleaner or tailor

Pickup and Delivery

Grow your business by offering pickup and delivery

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Assembly icon Assembly

Assisted Assembly

Scan heat seal barcode labels on garments and they will be assigned to your rack locations

Auto Assembly

Integrations with MetalProgetti and QuickSort assembly conveyors for the fastest assembly

Store and Plant Support

Support for assembly in both your store and your plant or central cleaning facility

24/7 Kiosk

Support for 24/7 Kiosks from Metalprogetti and QuickSort

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Lockers icon Lockers

Fully Integrated Lockers

Choose our locker partner to automate the workflow between your lockers and CleanCloud. The customer just has to enter their phone number and password on the locker screen to drop off / pickup their clothes. The order is automatically created in your account ready for your driver to pickup. Once ready the customer can pickup from the locker using their login

Partially Integrated Locker

Allows your customers the use the iOS/Android app to create the order in CleanCloud and notify you that they've used your locker. Your staff can then automatically notify your customers by SMS/Email with the locker and code when their order is ready for them to pickup

24/7 Kiosk

Support for 24/7 Kiosks from Metalprogetti and QuickSort

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Multiple Stores and Plant icon Multiple Stores and Plant

Plant Mode

Manage the cleaning workflow for multiple stores from one place, with support for barcode scanning and assembly

Driver Tracking

Track the orders which are with your driver(s) to and from your plant

Track Outsourcing

Keep track of orders you outsource to another business e.g. to a tailor

Central Database

Have a shared customer and product database between your stores

Metrics Overview

View Metrics reports for all stores all on one page

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Hosted Website icon Hosted Website

Free Website

Get started with a professional looking website as part of your subscription

Website Builder

Within 5 minutes you can customize your responsive website to match your brand

Automatic Plugins

Customer booking app, price lists and contact us boxes all setup in minutes

Email Forwarding

Host your website with CleanCloud but continue to use your preferred email solution

Free SSL Certificate

Make your website secure over HTTPS at no extra cost

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Hardware icon Hardware


Works with any device: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebooks

iPad app

Dedicated app for iOS for in store Point of Sale

Touchscreen support

Automatically works with most touchscreens

Cash Drawer / Registers

We support all standard RJ-11 or RJ-12 cable cash drawers

Thermal Receipt Printers

We support Epson, Star, Samsung Bixolon, Posiflex and more

Garment Tag Printers

We support Epson & Star garment paper tag printers

Heat Seal Barcode Label Printers

We support Zebra heat seal barcode label printers

Barcode Scanners

We support almost all barcode scanners on the market

Weight Scale Support

We support USB HID and Serial weight scales

Portable Printers

We support portable receipt printers for your drivers

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Payments icon Payments

In Store Payments

Use your existing card terminal or use our in store payment integrations

Online Payments

Use our secure integrations to store customer credit cards and charge for their orders with one click

Speed Queen & Huebsch

Integration with Speed Queen and Huebsch Apps for taking payment

Pre-pay Laundry Cards

Integrations with LaundryCard, FasCard, Laundroworks & SpyderWash to help you run your laundromat

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Reporting icon Reporting


View key statstics and graphs on how your store(s) are performing and compare to other time periods

Cash Up

Use our cash up calculator to ensure your staff report the correct amounts at the end of the day

Staff Hours

Clock in and Clock Out tool to monitor staff hours, helping monitor attendance and to generate payroll


Automatically run Payroll for your staff, with overtime limits and different payroll cycles

Staff Accountability

Each action is assigned to a staff account user, allowing you to track activity and mistakes

Data Export

Download order, sales, and customer data to Excel at any time

Accounting Integrations

Automatic sync with your Quickbooks, Xero, Listo or Obono account, so you will receive data at the end of each business day

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Marketing icon Marketing

SMS Marketing

Send out marketing via SMS, targeting key sections of your customers

Email Marketing

Send out professional Email marketing, targeting key sections of your customers

Push Marketing

Send Push Notifications directly to your customers that use the iOS and Android customer apps

Automated Marketing

Create Automated Marketing Rules based on important customer behavior

5 Star Customer Reviews

Automatically request 5* reviews from your customers on Google, Yelp and Facebook

PPC Tracking

Track when customers sign up or use your online service in response to your Google/Facebook Ads

Loyalty Points

Incentivize your customers to visit your store more by offering a loyalty points scheme

Referral Codes

Set incentives for your customers to refer their friends and family to your business

Promo Codes

Offer Promo Codes for new customer acquisition

ActiveCampaign Integration

For advanced marketing automation flows

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Security icon Security

Daily Backups

We backup your data everyday to independent servers. Making sure you will never lose your data to a hard drive crash, theft or damage again

Secure Credit Card Storage

PCI Compliant storing of your customers' credit cards allows you to accept online payments, securely store their credit card details and charge them with one-click for future orders

Encrypted Connection

Data sent to and from our server is sent over a secure and encrypted TLS HTTPS connection

Staff Accountability

Staff activity is tracked, with PIN lockout after a customizable time period.

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