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6 days ago

New API Endpoint

Add Subscription to a Customer Account

7 days ago

Customer SMS and Email History

You can now view the email/SMS history for each customer.

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9 days ago

New API Endpoints

Use a promo code

Get a customer's referral code and the referral bonuses

13 days ago

2019 SaaS Awards Winner!

We are very excited to have been named the Best SaaS Product for Small Non-US Businesses in the 2019 SaaS Awards!

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17 days ago

New API Endpoints

View a list of available dates, times and available slots for pickup and delivery:

View a list of existing repeat pickups for a customer:

Delete a particular repeat pickup for a customer:

17 days ago

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Support

SCA support has been added to CleanCloud's customer apps. This currently applies to stores in the European Union.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

If the customer's bank requires a customer to provide verification when submitting their card details, the customer app will now prompt the customer to provide two-factor authentication.

24 days ago

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in CleanCloud POS

CleanCloud has worked closely with Stripe to bring SCA support into CleanCloud POS.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

When saving a customer's card or charging a customer's card in CleanCloud POS, their card details will now be processed to maximize the chance of success under the new EU regulations.

27 days ago

Mandarin Support

CleanCloud is now fully available in Mandarin!

30 days ago

CleanCloud Inbox

The CleanCloud Mailbox will allow you to see messages from your customers and reply to them. 

This feature will allow you to do that for emails, but also for SMS if you have a custom phone number with us. 

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37 days ago

Korean Support

CleanCloud is now fully available in Korean!

39 days ago

Xero Partner Status

You can now automatically link your Xero account without us having to do anything on the support side. For you to link it, just press the big Connect to Xero button on the Settings->Accounting Integration page.

Once connected you will see a "Map Accounts" box appear, which allows you to connect accounts and sales code from your Xero to CleanCloud.

40 days ago

CleanCloud has a new logo

CleanCloud's new logo is now live

43 days ago

Repeat Pickups API Endpoint Created

Need to create a repeat pickup?

49 days ago

Tracking Individual Garments in Store

Previously when you tracked garment status in the store from the Clean page the tracking would be grouped by product type like

Shirt x 2 Trousers x 3

Now there is another option which works with each individual item. So you check each item and can see its item notes and heat seal ID. When all items are marked as cleaned, the order goes green. When some are cleaned the order goes orange.

To activate it you will see there is now the extra option on Settings->Admin->Track Progress of Individual Garments.

52 days ago

Heat Seal Improvement, Customer Auto Assign

Now when you scan a heat seal barcode on the New Order page, it will now automatically select the customer associated with that barcode, as well as adding the item to the basket.

It will only do this if you have not already assigned a customer to the order. This allows for you to have the order assigned to a different customer if you wish to.

54 days ago

Multiple Routes in the Driver App

Does your driver sometimes want to cover multiple routes at one time in the driver app? Did they have to toggle back and forth trying to get their shift done?

We felt your pain.

In the driver app you can now select multiple routes at one time, and see all the orders in the feed.

No app update required, it's live for everyone.

60 days ago

Get Orders API Endpoint Added

getOrders ( has been improved to allow you to filter your orders better. For example, you can now send a request to the API and get a list of orders that have been paid or not, or orders with a particular status (e.g. those awaiting clean).

This will allow you to build your own custom dashboards. You can then use the updateOrder endpoint to update an order if you like.

62 days ago

Splitting Tickets

When tracking individual items you can now select which items you would like to split into a new order if the items are running late.

This will create a new order for those items with new ready by date and email the customer if email on file.

This is possible in the store and the plant!

62 days ago

Clearent Payment Integration

With Clearent you can have a card terminal integration for in-store orders, as well as secure online storage of credit cards for charging customers with one click and handling online order payments.

Click here for more information on in-store payments and online payments.

82 days ago

Set A Repeat Delivery Date When Creating A New Order

There is now the 'Set Repeat Delivery Date' dropdown.

This means you can pre-set the delivery date when you create a repeat pickup.

97 days ago

Batch Action in Plant Mode

The Plant Mode now has batch action.

You can click on the IDs to highlight the rows blue; a box will pop up and the bottom right allowing you to perform an action on those highlighted rows.

99 days ago

Layout Change

Previously, you had to generate invoices under the Search page.

We now have separate "Search" and "Invoice" pages to make things clearer.

The invoice page is for your customer / business invoice needs.

Search is for searching customers, orders and payments

105 days ago

Filter in Plant Mode

Any text can be used to filter the table rows. Including searching the notes field, customer name, product name, order ID, or by section (for example searching for (L) will bring up laundry orders).

When you then press the "Update All" button, it will only update the status of the orders that were filtered.

138 days ago

Change the Default Price List in POS

You can now change which price list will be used as default in the POS from Settings->Admin->New Order page.

This can be used if you want to update you prices but still want the old prices for old orders, if you want to do a special offer for the month etc.

208 days ago

Add Tip To An Order

There is now a field where you can add the tip when creating or updating an order.

209 days ago

Price List Multiplier

When creating a price list, you can now use the multiplier if you want all your prices to increase/decrease by a certain percentage. 

You will then be able to edit prices individually if you wish.

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215 days ago

Support For 3 Taxes

There is now support for 3 taxes in CleanCloud V2.

This can be set on the Settings->Admin->Store Settings page.

216 days ago

Automatic Refresh Tables

Particularly useful if you have multiple devices in store and you want them to automatically update the Clean, Ready and Pickups Page with any changes made on the other device.

This can now be enabled on the Settings>Admin>Store Settings Page.

You get to choose how often it checks for updates. Some customers of ours try to minimize how much data they use so they can select 5 minutes.

It replaces the ‘auto check for pickups every 5 minutes option’ since this feature also checks for new pickup orders and alerts them.

221 days ago

Most Popular Days Report

This shows the breakdown of your most popular days and which hours within those days are busy.

This will help figure out how to allocate staff based on which day/hours are popular.

222 days ago

Heat Seal Edit

You can now quickly edit a heat seal tag from the New Order page.

Click on the Barcode icon on the new order page, enter a barcode ID number and press the Edit button.

284 days ago

SMS on First Completed Order

You can now have 1 SMS sent automatically for each customer after their first completed order with your store.

Suggested uses include

  • Asking their customers for reviews on Google/Yelp/etc
  • A nice thank you message / brand reinforcement
  • A request for feedback

To turn this on there is a box on the Settings->SMS page where you enter your message.