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6 days ago

Auto Charge orders

You can now auto charge customers within CleanCloud. The charge will take place when orders are being moved from the Clean to Ready page.

This will allow you to charge through the following options :

  • For all unpaid order
  • Only pickup and delivery orders with a saved card

This can be set through Settings > Admin > Payments > Auto Charge Saved Card When Order Cleaned

8 days ago

Review feature translations

The review feature now supports French, Italian and French

9 days ago

Track folding in your Wash Dry Fold

We have a now added a folding section to the Machines and Wash Dry Fold page.

This can be enabled through Settings > Admin > Washers and Dryers > Track Folding of orders

You can also define the default action to be taken when the folding is complete.

10 days ago

Ask for Color, Brand Pattern options on Heat seal required popup

You can now add Colour, brand and pattern options on the Heat Seal Required setting.

In order to enable brand and pattern options you will need to do this in Settings > Admin > New Order Page

13 days ago

Payment pop up box

We have redesigned the pop up box at the time of payment.

14 days ago

MetalProgetti Barcode on Bagger

You can now send a custom barcode to the MetalProgetti bagger. This will print a barcode on the bagger label, which you will be able to scan with CleanCloud POS.

16 days ago

API Updates

We have updated our APIs. There is a new endpoint by which you can convert loyalty points to credit.

17 days ago

Filter by payment type

You can now filter by specific card payments within CleanCloud. This will allow you to see payments by Clearent (Saved Card) , Clearent (Terminal), PaymentSense, Stripe

This can be viewed via the following settings:

Settings > Search > Payments > Payment type

21 days ago

Product discounts

You can now set up discounts on a product level in the POS.

This will allow you to set up discounts for specific items/sections, during a specific time range and date range. You will also be able to select whether these discounts will apply to pickup and delivery and business accounts as well.

To set this up, you will need to go to Settings > Admin > Discounts > Product Discount Rules

21 days ago

Business price lists and discounts on repeat pickups

Business price lists and discounts will now be applied to repeat pick ups set up in the system.

22 days ago

Review Module

We have introduced a new review module that will allow your customers to leave a review on Google, Facebook or Yelp.

Customers will be sent an email, SMS or Push notification with a link, which will take them through to say if they had a positive experience or not.

Should they click 'Yes' they will be able to select the platform on which they want to leave a review. Should they select 'No' they can leave their review for you to look at internally and take the necessary action.

To change the settings for this feature you will need to go to Settings > Marketing > Reviews

24 days ago

Smart Search box

We have now introduced a smart search box to the POS.

You can search for any customer in the search bar in the top right hand corner. A pop up box will then appear which will show you information on the customer.

This includes -

  • Orders on the clean page
  • Orders on the ready page
  • Customer discounts
  • Customer loyalty points
  • Creation of a new order

26 days ago

Wash and Fold updates

Auto mark orders as cleaned

There are now three different options to choose from when selecting the 'Empty Dryer' button. This can be edited in Settings->Admin->Washers and Dryers The options are as follows -

1) Don't mark order cleaned

2) Prompt for confirmation each time

3) Automatically mark order as cleaned

Automatically suggest machine ID when send to washer/dryer

You will no longer have to manually input a machine ID.the lowest available machine ID will be preselected and other machines are available in the dropdown.

Machines that are already in use will be shown at the bottom of the list should the user want to override.

Send multiple orders from Machine to Dryer on Machines Page

You can now batch select orders that are in the machine to send them to the dryers.

28 days ago

Email all customers about Pickup and Delivery

If you use the pickup and delivery feature, you can now send out an email to your customers to inform them that you offer this service.

To do this go to Settings > Pickup and Delivery > General Settings > Send Email to All Customers

30 days ago

Delete button on modify quantity

You can now delete an item from the basket on the new order page.

To do this, click on the pencil to edit the quantity of the item, a pop up box will then appear enabling you to click delete.

32 days ago

Button width

You can now adjust the width of the product buttons on the new order page.

To do this, you will need to go to Settings > Products > New Order Page > Product Button Width

You can select from, Narrow, Default and Wide.

35 days ago

Icons update

You can now add any sized image when uploading custom icons in CleanCloud.

These icons will automatically resize when uploading.

37 days ago

QuickSort full automation for 24/7 Kiosk

Full automation means staff can barcode scan the order receipt barcode, then scan the slot on the QuickSort conveyor. This will automatically update CleanCloud, assigning the Kiosk Slot, and it will update the order as cleaned (moving it to the READY page) and notify the customer. The customer notification will have the slot number and PIN, as well as their QR code. 

When customer picks up from the 24/7 Kiosk the order will automatically move from READY page to completed in CleanCloud.

39 days ago

Background colour on items

The background colour of items changes when hovering over them on the new order page.

41 days ago

Exempt upcharges from tax 3

Upcharges can now be exempt from tax 3 within the system.

43 days ago

Edit inventory products

You can now edit inventory products within the system.

The barcode alongside the email alert threshold can both be edited.

To do this, you will need to go to Settings > Products > Inventory

44 days ago

Improved Add a New Customer

If you search for a customer by name or phone number and nothing appears for them, when you click the Add Customer button and the phone number / customer name will auto populate the Add Customer box for you.

45 days ago

Cash up update

We have now improved the way in which Cash up works in the system.

You can now view the following on the cash ups page

  • All orders that cash was taken for
  • Pay outs
  • Pay ins
  • Cash to bank

47 days ago

Laundroworks integration

CleanCloud now has the ability to integrate with Laundroworks.

In order to integrate, you will need to go to Settings > Printers > Laundry Cards > Laundroworks

Once your credentials have been entered, the integration will be complete.

48 days ago

Batch Ready Unload

You can now batch ready unload to MetalProggeti BAM.

49 days ago

Resend to Assembly conveyor button

We have now added a resend to assembly conveyor button to plant mode. This will work with both QuickSort and MetalProggeti.

51 days ago

API Updates

We have made the following updates to the API documentation.

  • Route ID on API getOrders.
  • dateFrom and dateTo on API getOrders

53 days ago

Price Adjustment Update

You can now adjust the price of a product using three different methods.

  • Unit price
  • New price
  • Price editor

57 days ago

Ability to edit upcharges in the basket

You can now modify individual upcharges that are added to the basket.

Once the upcharge is added, click edit on the upcharge and you can modify the price.

58 days ago

Garment details appear on one time barcodes

If you have a TSC/Zebra one time tag printer, you now have the ability to see garment details alongside product notes such as stains on the tag.

62 days ago

Link business accounts across several stores

When creating a new store, you can now link business accounts across your new stores.

You will need to select, 'link customers and business accounts' in multi store.

62 days ago

Split tickets

We have now introduced Split tickets feature to the system.

You can now split orders based on the following factors:

  1. Split by piece count
  2. Split by section
  3. Split by both of the above.

This can be set up in the admin settings through Settings > Admin > New order page > Split Ticket Every X Pieces

(0 for no limit)/ Split Tickets by Section

64 days ago

MetalProggeti 24/7 Kiosk

We now offer support for MetalProggeti 24/7 Kiosk support. If you use the Kiosk, this can be integrated with CleanCloud

66 days ago

Consolidated orders report

You can now view a report on the system that will you show you the number of orders, pieces and revenue generated, per store on a given date.

This can be pulled from the data export section in Metrics

66 days ago

Add customer QR code to ready email

You can now add a QR code to your email notifications when an order is ready.

This will be a good tool for customers using a Winnsen locker integration, the unique QR code will allow them to pick up their items using it.

This can be switched on in Settings > Admin > Notifications > Emails

70 days ago

Driver Report

Once an order has been assigned to a driver who is taking orders from store to plant, you can print out a report that shows you all orders the driver should be bringing.

You can pull this report from Settings > Metrics > Data export.

73 days ago

Custom Product updates

Custom Products, Photo and Barcode shown in each section

All sections added into the system will now have the product, photo and barcode options shown and will not be limited to just your first section.

Custom products can be added in any section and assigned to any

When creating a custom product, you can now create it in any given section and then assign it to a different section.

Unlimited custom products

Previously there was a limit of 8 custom products, this is now unlimited.

75 days ago

Edit paid orders permission

You can now control whether each staff member is allowed to edit a paid order or not.

To do this, go to Settings > Users > Edit > Edit paid orders

77 days ago

Customer App addresses

We have now improved the way in which your customers input their address on the customer app.

When customers input their address, a pop up appears with autocomplete.

81 days ago

Print button in Plant Mode

If you have plant mode access, you can now print a full receipt from selected pages within it.

You will need to ensure that 'printer 1' is set up for plant.

83 days ago

Customer App Search Functionality

In the customer app, your customers can now search for products, without having to know which section they belong in.

When creating a new order, they can use the search bar functionality at the top of the page.

91 days ago

Parent product support in customer app

Parent products setup in your POS are now reflected within the customer app.

Click on a parent product will pop up options for the customer allowing them to select products within it.

98 days ago

MetalProggeti BAM (In Store)

You can now receive rack locations, after items have been loaded onto the conveyor.

This will enable you to see the rack location on the ready page in CleanCloud.

101 days ago

STC Pay Integration

CleanCloud is now integrated with STC Pay.

This will allow your customers to use the STC wallet in order to make payments for their orders.

104 days ago

Barcode duplicate check

We have now added a duplicate checker in order to avoid the same barcode being scanned twice to an order. If it is scanned twice, a message will pop up on the system.

106 days ago

API support for Parent/Child products

In our API documentation, there is now support for Parent and Child product set ups. This can be found under API > getProducts

107 days ago

Export Data for Multiple Stores

You can now export data for a set of multiple stores or any groups created within the system.

To do this, go to Settings > Metrics > Data Export.

109 days ago

Disable order edits and deletions

You can now prevent orders within a particular time frame from being edited or deleted. To do this you will need to go to Settings > Admin > Disable Order’s Edit and Deletion During the Selected Time Frame

110 days ago

Reprint Barcode Tags

You can now reprint your barcode tags on the Clean Page in the system.

Please note a barcode printer will need to be enable in order for this option to appear.

112 days ago

Fascard/LaundryCard reconnect station button

Should your connection expire on the system, you can now reconnect it.

To do this, go to Settings > Printers > Laundry Cards > Reconnect station.

120 days ago

Business Accounts Update

You can now add a variety of different settings to your business accounts that are created. This includes the following:

  1. Set default payment method.
  2. Set default price list (This will be automatically adjusted on a customer when assigning them to a business account)
  3. Set default discount

In order to view these options go to Settings > Admin > Business accounts

122 days ago

View Driver Tips

You are now able to see the tips that need to be given to each driver for your store.

To view this, go to Settings > Metrics > Driver Statistics

125 days ago

Payment date on order details page

You can now view when a payment was taken including date, time and the attendant that took the payment, through order search history.

In order to view this go to Settings > Search > Orders

Once you have found the relevant order, you will find this information under 'Paid'

127 days ago

Customer App Updates

Full name prompt

The customer will now be asked to enter their full name when signing up in the app

Customer preferences selection now available in the app

Customer can now select their preferences within the app alongside the web booking tool.

Apple ID sign in

Customers can now also sign up using their Apple ID.

130 days ago

Push Notifications for iOS and Android

You can now send push notifications to your customers that use the iOS or Android customer app. You will need to purchase credits in order to send these out to your customers.

To do this, go to Settings > Admin > Notifications

131 days ago

Email All Customers about Contactless orders

You can now inform your customers if you are offering contactless orders in store.

To do this go to Settings > Admin > Store Settings

132 days ago

Select Active Products for a Price List

You can now select which products are active on a price list.

To do this go to Settings > Products and select the price list from the drop down menu. You then need to click on the blue pencil icon to edit the product, a pop up will appear with a switch to make the product active or inactivate.

Products will be active on a new price list as standard so you will need to deactivate them individually.

134 days ago

Improved Notification Controls

You now have much more control over your order notifications, you can adjust the settings by going to Settings > Admin > Notifications.

This now Includes:

  • Choose which notifications are on and off
  • Turn email reminders on and off

138 days ago

Print Order IDs and Rack Number from New Order Page

You can now print Order IDs and rack number from the New Order Page on receipt printer so staff have the information on paper when fetching orders from rack for customer collections.

140 days ago

Metalprogetti 24/7 Kiosk Support

You can now use Metalprogetti's 24/7 Kiosk in your store.

This can be activated from Settings > Admin > Assembly.

Once activated, customer notifications will include a code that allows them to retrieve their order from the Metalprogetti kiosk.

141 days ago

Send Bulk Email Marketing Tool

You can now send out bulk marketing emails directly from your CleanCloud account as you have previously been able to do with SMS marketing messages.

The Settings > SMS page has now changed to Settings > Marketing

Send Marketing Campaign allows you to select Email / SMS from the drop down menu.

The same filter options apply to both SMS and Email marketing campaigns.

141 days ago

Metalprogetti Auto Bagger Support

We now support the Auto Bagger for Metalprogetti. If you are using barcode workflow then when you Add/Edit products in CleanCloud you can now also define what the Auto bagger will do if you have a Metalprogetti.

Options include;

  • Bag
  • No Bag
  • Request Short Bag

142 days ago

Metalprogetti BAM Unload Button

There is now a button in Plant mode on the DELIVER TO STORE page that will unload all completed orders if you have a Metalprogetti BAM unload conveyor setup.

145 days ago

Pay All Orders Checkbox and Batch Ready Pay Support for PaymentSense Integration

Accounts integrated with PaymentSense now have a pay all orders checkbox and the ability to make payments by batch ready.

153 days ago

Pay Now Button for Customer App

We have added a Pay Now button to the order section of the Customer App to make it easier for customers to pay for their order. If the customer doesn't already have a saved card in your system this button will prompt them to enter their card details.

154 days ago

IP Restriction for Non-Admin Users Login

You can now restrict the IP address that non-admin users can login from, this would prevent your users from logging in from an IP address outside of the store.

This restriction will not prevent the admin for the account logging in from other IP addresses.

To adjust this setting go to Settings > Admin > Store Settings > "Restrict Staff Access to These IP Addresses:Separate using comma if multiple" and enter the IP address for the store and any other IP address that you are happy to have your users access the system from.

156 days ago

Order Ready Notification Sent Once All Orders for a Customer are Ready

We have now added a setting that only send the order ready notification to a customer once all of their orders for that day have been marked as cleaned.

You can activate this setting by going to Settings > Admin > Notifications.

156 days ago

TSC and Zebra One Time Use Tags with Barcodes

We can now print TSC and Zebra one time tags with barcodes. This will print one time tags with barcodes and information about the garment and order.

These barcodes can be scanned and used with MetalProgetti, QuickSort, and CleanCloud's assisted assembly mode.

The label now also shows X of Y garments. So if there are 5 garments, the first tag will have 1/5, the second will have 2/5 etc.

You can activate this by going to Settings > Printers > Heat Seals and setting the printer manufacturer to "TSC / Zebra (one time tags)".

156 days ago

Enter Rack Mode from Ready Page

You can now enter rack mode from the Ready page to quickly assign order IDs to rack locations.

The conveyor or assisted assembly will automatically move the order from Clean > Ready once all garments are assembled.

This allows you to then rack the orders, take them from the conveyor/assembly location and assign them a storage rack location.

Once the popup is visible you should be able to scan the order receipt barcode, then scan the rack location barcode.

157 days ago

Support for MetalProgetti BAM Storage Conveyor in Store

We now support the MetalProgetti BAM storage conveyor in store, this includes the ability for fetching the order from conveyor when the order is completed.

158 days ago

Re-print Barcode Tags

There is now a "Print Barcodes" button to re-print your barcode tags when placing or editing an order.

159 days ago

Display Promotional In Customer App and Booking Tool

You can now have a promotional message displayed for customers to see when they are placing orders.

To enter this promotional message go to Settings > Admin > App > General Settings and scroll down to "Promotional Text to Show Logged In Customers"

159 days ago

Multi Store Group Feature

A Groups feature has been added to the Multi Store section which allows you to do the follow;

- Create groups across three tiers.

- Assign stores to groups.

- Edit stores basic information and edit group information.

To access this go to Settings > Admin > Multi Store and scroll down to groups, you will need to click on the "Add Group" button.

160 days ago

Improved Metalprogetti Support

We have added the following features to the Metalprogetti integration with CleanCloud;

Metalprogetti in Plant, define unload location from conveyor for a store

We now have the ability to control which unload points garments will come off from the conveyor. This is determined by store ID, so some store IDs will go to unload point 1, some to point 2 etc.

We combine this with the ability to control which printer it uses when it prints receipt.

This is currently manually setup by a developer, so please contact support for more information.

Automatically print full receipt when order unloaded from MetalProgetti in the Plant

Support for 2 or more printers with Metalprogetti in Plant

Allows for separate printers at each unload location from the same Metalprogetti conveyor, or separate printers for each Metalprogetti conveyor.

You can specify the details of each printer by going to Settings->Admin->Plant.

160 days ago

Order Delivered Notification Sent when Order Marked as Delivered on the Driver App

Now when your driver marks an order as delivered from the driver app this will send a notification to the customer that their order has been delivered, previously this only happened when orders were marked from the POS.

To change the notification setting go to Settings->Admin->Notifications and activate "Send Notification If delivery order is marked as delivered".

161 days ago

View Order History From Customer Profile

When clicking on a customer profile, in the pop up you can now see a "View All" button next to the orders count. This allows you to quickly see all of a customers orders.

This can be accessed by clicking on STATS when searching for a customer.

161 days ago

More Times Added When Sending Orders to Washer/Dryer

We have now added 15, 20 and 25 minute time options when sending an order to a washer or dryer.

162 days ago

GPS Co-ordinates in Customer App

You can allow customer to set their GPS location for pickup and delivery, to activate this go to Settings > Admin > App > Address Options.

165 days ago

Control Default Notify Method for Customer App and Driver App Orders

You can now control the default notification method for customer orders placed on the customer and driver apps.

To adjust this setting go to Settings > Admin > App > Notification Settings.

169 days ago

Heat Seal Import Tool

You can now bulk import a list of yoour heat seal barcode IDs.

To do this go to and scroll down to the Heat Seal Import.

You will need to download and use the template provided on the page.

You can enter either customer ID or customer name. If customer name is used, CleanCloud will try to find the ID of the customer from the customer database.

172 days ago

Charge Saved Card API

We have now added API to allow to charge a customers saved card for an order. For details please see the links below:

API Instructions here:

175 days ago

FAQ Section Added to Free Hosted Website

You can now add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your Free Hosted Website through CleanCloud.

To add your FAQ section go to Settings > Admin > Website and scroll down to the Frequently Asked Questions settings. You can then add your FAQs and click "Show Section".

176 days ago

Google Analytics Website Template Integration

You are now able to integrate Google Analytics into your CleanCloud website through the Website Template Tool.

To integrate this go to Settings > Admin > Website and enter your "Google Analytics Site ID" under "Integrations".

For more information on Google Analytics and creating a site ID please click HERE.

176 days ago

Choose a Price List to Show on Free Hosted Website

You can now select which price list is shown on your Free Hosted Website through CleanCloud.

To add the Price List page go to Settings > Admin > Website and scroll down to Price List Page settings.

You can then enter the information you want to appear on that page, select your preferred price list from the drop down menu and activate the page on your hosted website by clicking on "Show Page".

176 days ago

Updates to Free Hosted Website Tool

We have made a number of updates an added new features to our free hosted website tool;

"Get directions" button on footer and contact page

There is now a clickable link to get directions to store with Google Maps on the footer and contact page of the website.

Favicon for customer website now uses store logo.

The favicon shows on the browser tab of the website and now uses your company logo. This requires the uploaded logo to be a .png.

Add icons to show available services

There are now a number of different icons that show the services available in your store.

Add testimonial / review source and show icon - Yelp / Google / Facebook

You can now ad the source for your testimonials/reviews and this will show the icon for each platform.

Improved price list layout

Price list now shows as multiple columns rather than just one.

These features can be accessed by going to Settings > Admin > Website.

180 days ago

Retail Only Section

You can now create a retail only section on the New Order Page. Any products in this section will automatically have the retail switch activated so will not move to the Clean page, it will also not allow you to add items from other sections.

To activate this go to Settings > Products > Sections and click the "Retail" switch next to the relevant section. You may need to add a Retail section first by clicking on the Add Section button.

183 days ago

Set Heat Seal Barcode Length and First Digit

You can now set heat seal barcode length and first digit by going to Settings > Printers > Heat Seals.

This allows you to get started with using heat seal barcodes without having to ask for a developer to set this up for you.

Please note when using pre-printed barcodes they must be 8,10 or 12 digits long and cannot start with a 0.

184 days ago

Different Turnaround Times per Route

You can now have different turnaround times for each of your pickup and delivery routes.

To adjust the turnaround times per route go to Settings > Admin > App > Routes and click on "Custom Turnaround Time".

You will need to have more than one route, your default turnaround time will apply to Route 0.

188 days ago

Confirm Repeat Pickup Via SMS

There is now an option to set up SMS confirmation for repeat pickups. Instead of the system creating an order for the pickup automatically 24 hours before it is scheduled the system will send an SMS message to the customer asking for confirmation that they still require the pickup. You can select how far in advance the customer receives the SMS.

The customer will need to respond "YES" to the SMS for the system to create the pickup order, they will then receive an SMS message confirming pickup.

To set up SMS confirmation when creating a repeat pick up select this option from the "Type" drop down menu and enter the amount of days in advance you want to send the SMS.

This is currently limited to US, UK, Australia and Canada. However we may be able to add support for your country if you request it.

Note that you will be charged up to 3 SMS credits each time if you do not have your own phone number with CleanCloud, or up to 2 SMS credits if you have your own custom number.

190 days ago

Set Custom Colors for the New Booking Tool

At the bottom of the Embed Your Store section there is now a section called Theme Your Store. This allows you to set custom colors for the most common parts of the web app.

To access this go to; Settings > Admin > Pickup and Delivery > Embed Your Store.

190 days ago

Change Price List for Subscription Customers

When adding a subscription you can now select a price list, any customer that is signed up for your subscription will automatically be assigned to the price list.

To add a subscription go to Settings > Admin > App > Customer Subscriptions. For more information on subscriptions click HERE.

194 days ago

Cash Up Revenue User Permissions

You can now choose which of your users/members of staff can see Expected Cash and Variance on the cash up page.

To adjust this go to Settings > Users and click on the blue pencil icon to adjust a users access.

196 days ago

Allow Pickups from 24 Hours

Under Pick up and Delivery options in your App settings you now have the option to allow pickups from 24 hours rather than +1 day. You will need to be using the latest version of the IOS/Android customer app and the new booking tool for this to work.

To adjust this setting go to Settings > Admin > App > Pickup / Delivery Options and select 24 hours on the "Allow Pickups From" drop down menu.

198 days ago

Multiple Station Quicksort Update

The system now checks every 3 minutes in the background, from the main station, to see if there are any new items to send to the conveyor.

200 days ago

Updated Web Booking Tool

Our web booking tool has now been updated to look and function like our customer app.

To embed the new booking tool on to your website go to; Settings > Admin > App > Embed Your Store and copy and paste the HTML code into your website builder.

200 days ago

New Metrics Page

We have completely updated our Metrics page to make it easier to navigate and give much more information to you as a business owner.

New features include:

  • If you have multiple stores up to 10 can be viewed at once
  • Left navigation bar
  • Easier to work out tax
  • Date range picker

For a video walkthrough of the new Metrics page please click HERE.

200 days ago

Customer Birthday Added to Customer Export

Columns "Birthday Month" and "Birthday Day" have now been added to the Customer Export file.

208 days ago

Managing Repeat Pickups

Customers existing repeat pickups now show in the POS on the New Order Page when you add a new repeat order, giving you the option to delete the previous repeat pickup.

This now also allows you to add multiple repeat pickups for the same customer in a 7 day span.

209 days ago

Geofence Updates

The Following updates have been made for adding/adjusting the geofence of your routes;

  • Geofence loads in a popup rather than a separate page. When you save the geofence you will no longer lose your place in the app page.
  • When editing or viewing geofence, it will centre the map on the geofence and automatically change the zoom level based on geofence size.
  • When editing geofence, it will show you the current geofence, and give you the option to move around the current one, rather than have to draw a new one from scratch. If you want to redraw, you can press the reset button then draw.
  • Once you've drawn the geofence, you can still move the pointers around to fine tune the geofence.

To adjust your routes go to; Settings > Admin > App > Routes.

209 days ago

Order Edit History on Ready Page

You can now view the order edit history on the Ready page.

To activate this setting go to; Settings > Admin > Ready Page and and select "Show Order Edit History"

211 days ago

Hotel Guest Name and Room Number

When editing a customer profile you can now mark them as a Hotel Guest.

When adding a new order for a hotel guest customer a pop up will appear to enter the Guest Name and Room Number.

217 days ago

Barcodes on Epson U220 Tags

If you are using an Epson U220 Printer you can now print barcodes on your tags.

This allows you to use paper tags with conveyors like QuickSort/Metalprogetti, similar to how heat seal barcodes are used.

To activate this go to; Settings > Printers > Heat Seals and select Epson U220 as the Printer Manufacturer / Type.

218 days ago

Referral Scheme

With our new referral scheme you can earn rewards for recommending CleanCloud to new business customers.

You can earn 1 month free for the person you refer. The new store also earns 1 month free.

Your personal referral link can be accessed from Settings->Admin->Earn Rewards

224 days ago

Customer Subscriptions

If you are integrated with Stripe or Clearent you can now add subscriptions for your customers to select through the customer app.

To add subscriptions go to Settings > Admin > App > Customer Subscriptions.

Please see the link below for more details on adding subscriptions;

230 days ago

Tax Exemption on Customer Accounts

When adding or editing customer accounts you can now specify if they are exempt from each of your taxes if you have more than one tax.

Previously you could only choose if the customer was fully tax exempt of not.

230 days ago

Custom Store ID for Barcodes on Order Receipt

You can now set a custom store ID for the barcodes on the order receipt, this is useful when you have multiple stores being scanned at one plant.

To access this go to; Settings > Admin > Plant / Factory Settings.

We recommend using 3 digits, the first digit should not be a 0.

238 days ago

Claiming Customer Accounts on the App

Your customers can now claim their account created on your POS system via the customer app by using the forgotten password function.

They will receive a reset password link via email which will allow them to add a new password and log in to their account on the app.

238 days ago

Weight Pop-up Added for Laundry by Weight Products

All Laundry by Weight products now bring up a pop-up window to add weight regardless of whether a scale is being used.

238 days ago

Separate Laundry Line Items for Each Laundry Bag

Each laundry bag now creates a separate line when weighed under the Laundry by Weight product on the order.

238 days ago

Multi Store Page

On the new Multi Store page you can see a list of your stores using CleanCloud and add additional stores quickly and easily by clicking on the blue "Add Store" button.

To access this page go to; Settings > Admin > Multi Store.

Please note that there is an additional charge for each new store added.

238 days ago

Adding Customer Name to Machines Page

When assigning orders to a machine from the Clean page the customer name will now show on the Machines page.

239 days ago

Grouping Sections

You can now group sections together to prevent items from sections that are not grouped being added to orders.

To activate this setting go to Settings>Admin>Store Settings and scroll down to the setting "Activate Section Groups for New Orders" make sure this is activated and click the green Update button.

To group sections together go to Settings>Products>Sections and click on one of the blue "Choose Sections" buttons.

For more information please see the help desk article below;

244 days ago

Flag Orders Edited in Plant and Store

Orders on the Ready page will now be highlighted blue is they have been edited from the store or plant view.

There is also a note showing that the order has been adjusted.

245 days ago

Delete Station Button

You can now delete stations by going to Settings> Printer Settings and clicking on the blue pencil icon next to the station drop down menu.

There you will see a red delete station button.

245 days ago

Select Which Stores use a Price List

If you have multiple stores using CleanCloud you can select which stores can use a specific price list.

To adjust this go to; Settings > Products and select a price list from the drop down menu (or add a new price list, for more information on how to do this please click here.).

Once the price list is selected scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a "Choose Stores" button. You can then select the stores that you want to use this price list, all stores will be able to use a price list as default.

246 days ago

Edit Station Name

You can now edit the name of your stations by going to Settings> Printer Settings and clicking on the blue pencil icon next to the station drop down menu.

This will bring up a section for you to edit your station name.

250 days ago

Warning Messages for Adding New Barcode ID that Already Exist on System

When adding a pre-printed heat seal barcode, if the New tag box is checked the system will check to see if the barcode has been used previously.

If the barcode has previously been used a pop-up warning will appear to reduce the chance of staff error.

250 days ago

Assigning Orders to a Machine Requires Cash Drawer Payout

You can now activate a setting that requires a cash drawer payout when assigning an order to a machine.

To activate this go to; Settings > Admin > Washers and Dryers.

250 days ago

Machines Page Added

We now have a Machines page where you can send Wash-Dry-Fold orders into washing machines and dryers, and track what is in each machine. You can send orders to machines from the Clean page by clicking on the blue machine icon.

Activate this page go to; Settings > Admin > Washers and Dryers and switch on the settings "Assign Orders to Washers and Dryers".

252 days ago

Heat Seal Barcode Warning

When an item with a heat seal barcode is added to a customer order on the New Order page a warning will pop up notifying the user if this barcode is associated with an item for a different customer than the customer selected.

The item will still be added to the order but this gives the user the opportunity to double check that the correct customer is selected.

253 days ago

Washers and Dryers Page Added

You can now add your washers and dryers to CleanCloud. This new feature allows you to keep track of maintenance and log repairs for all of your washers and dryers.

To access this page go to; Settings>Admin Settings>Washers and Dryers.

For more information please see the link below;

258 days ago Integration with New Customer App is now integrated with our new customer app.

258 days ago

Improved Popup for Parent Products

The parent product popup has been improved so that the fade no longer covers the whole screen. This means the fixed bars at the bottom are still accessible when selecting child products.

264 days ago

Section Rows

You can now have your Sections on the New Order page split between multiple rows to help prevent overlapping of the Section tabs and make the layout clearer.

To access this setting go to Settings> Admin> New Order Page and scroll down to the setting "Section tab row amount".

266 days ago

Search Garment ID in Plant Mode

You can now search for garment ID on in the search bar in Plant Mode.

Searching a garment ID will highlight the last order including the garment with that ID.

268 days ago

Save Brand with Heat Seal

The clothing brand is now saved with the heat seal barcode. Please see the link below for more information on using heat seal barcodes in your store workflow.

268 days ago

Multi-store Login

If you have multiple stores with CleanCloud you can now switch between connected stores easily, all connected stores appear in a drop down menu on the clock in window.

273 days ago

Clearent Payment Link in Email Notifications

Notification emails sent to your customers now include a payment link they can use to pay with a saved Clearent card.

278 days ago

Print from Driver App

You can now use Star portable bluetooth printers, like the Star SM-S230i to print receipts from CleanCloud's Driver App. This can help your drivers quickly print something for the customer, or print a receipt to put with a customer's bag ready for the store to process.

279 days ago

Filter Customer Search by Price List

When searching for customers you can now filter the search by price lists.

Go to Search and select Customer as the search option from the top dropdown menu. You will then see Price List as a search filter.

280 days ago

Change Navigation on the Driver App

Our Driver App integrates with Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze. 

You will be able to change your navigation tool preference by following these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Driver App
  2. Click on the menu icon in the top left (3 lines)
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Next to maps, select the navigation tool you wish to use
  5. Click on the blue update button 

282 days ago

Print Full Receipt from Plant Assembly

You can now print a full receipt when printing from plant assembly.

282 days ago

Cash Receive Page

You can now confirm cash up amounts received for multiple stores from the new cash received page.

This is particularly useful for large multi-store businesses that want to confirm cash received from all stores.

To access this page go to;

For more information and to have this feature activated for select user accounts please contact our Support team.

282 days ago

Rack # now shown in Plant on Cleaning and Deliver to Store Pages

When using assisted assembly the rack # is now displayed in Plant mode on the Cleaning and Deliver to Store pages.

288 days ago

Multiple Admin Emails

It is now possible to give multiple users Admin rights. Go to Settings > Users then Edit the user.

289 days ago

Empty Slot Button added to Plant and Store

You can now manually clear an individual assisted assembly rack slot in Store or Plant mode by using the Empty Slot Button and entering the rack number.

292 days ago

Hide Quick Drop option in POS

You can now switch off the Quick Drop feature on the New Order Page.

To do this go to; Settings>Admin Settings>New Order Page and scroll down to Enable Quick Drop Feature. Make sure the toggle is off (should be grey not blue).

293 days ago

Driver App Updates

  • Regularly check for new orders in background
  • Remove paid by cash option
  • Add Credit Card to any customer
  • Edit Customer Details
  • Add a Clearent saved card
  • Re-sort orders

293 days ago

Additions the Receipt Printed from Plant Mode with Assisted Assembly

The following additions have been made the the receipt printed from Plant with assisted assembly;

  • Customer Name
  • Pieces count
  • Barcode

297 days ago

iOS Customer App Update

The customer app was redesigned from the ground up for iOS to make all tasks easier for you as well as speedy performance improvements:

- Easier to find and select your default store

- Easier to select pickup and delivery dates

- Easier to select items for your order

- Easier to update your card information

- Easier to view order history and status

- Easier to create repeat pickups

- Easier to join a subscription

- Better multilingual support

More features and improvements to come soon.

299 days ago

Pay by Laundrycard/Fascard as a default payment method

You can now select Pay by Laundrycard/Fascard as a default payment method.

Go to Settings>Admin Settings>New Order Page>Default Payment Method and select from the dropdown menu.

303 days ago

OpenEdge token support with Clearent

CleanCloud now supports OpenEdge tokens with Clearent.

306 days ago

Add an Extra Page/Process to Plant

You can now add an extra page to Plant mode.

This can be enabled in Settings>Admin Settings>Plant/Factory Settings> Click on Add Extra Page then name the extra page (e.g Tailor).

You can assign user permissions for this page on Settings>Users.

309 days ago

Price Adjust from the Plant

The price adjust feature is useful if an item arrives at the plant but cannot be processed at the current price for various reasons (torn, needs extra cleaning etc). 

Click here for more information on how it works >

311 days ago

Edit your store GPS coordinates

This will be useful for your customers to find your store easily on the new customer app.

You can find more information on how to do this here >

316 days ago

Android App Update!

The customer app was redesigned from the ground up to make all tasks easier for you as well as speedy performance improvements:

- Easier to find and select your default store

- Easier to select pickup and delivery dates

- Easier to select items for your order

- Easier to update your card information

- Easier to view order history and status

- Easier to create repeat pickups

- Easier to join a subscription

- Better multilingual support

More features to come soon, look out for more updates in the near future.

(The iOS update will follow shortly)

321 days ago

Run an Audit of What is on the Storage Rack

Running an audit of of what is on storage rack will allow you to check that all the orders appearing in the Ready page of your CleanCloud account are actually in your store.

It will allow you to see if any orders are missing, and the value of those orders.

Click here for more information >

322 days ago

New QuickBooks Integration

You can now automatically link your QuickBooks account without us having to do anything on the support side. For you to link it, just press the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button on the Settings > Admin > Accounting Integration page.

Once connected you will see a "Map Accounts" box appear, which allows you to connect accounts and sales code from your QuickBooks to CleanCloud.

Assigning customer a QuickBooks is now much easier. When you edit a customer account in CleanCloud, if you start typing the customer name in the QuickBooks ID field it will load a list of relevant customers from your QuickBooks account. Once you select the correct customer it will enter the correct ID into the field.

For more information click here >

322 days ago

Metalprogetti Integration

You can now specify the priority of a garment on the conveyor, for instance have shirts first, pants second, jackets third etc.

You can also specify if you wish to send a garment to the conveyor or not.

Click here for more information >

323 days ago

Cash Up Improvements

We've made some changes to the way of doing Cash Ups on CleanCloud. This includes an important change to when you set aside cash from the register in the calculation. Now you set aside the cash after using the Notes and Coins calculator.

We also added new calculations like the expected cash at the time of cash up and the variance between the expected cash and the declared cash.

For a summary of changes please see our video

Or view updated Helpdesk instructions here:

332 days ago

New User Permissions in the Plant

We have added new permissions for users in the Plant:

1) Which screens they can see in the Plant

2) Which actions they can take in the Plant when they try to update an order

You will only be able to set those permissions if you have the plant mode activated on your account.

334 days ago

Improved User Interface

After receiving your feedback, we have updated the user interface of the New Order page to help improve your workflow and make the process of placing order easier and faster!

You can watch this video, which goes over the changes >

338 days ago

LaundryCard and FasCard Integration

We are excited to let you know that we now integrate with LaundryCard and FasCard!

Click here for more information >

339 days ago

Require staff to enter starting cash amount at the beginning of their shift

You can require staff to enter the starting cash amount at the beginning of their shift. They won't be able to place a new order until they do so.

Click here for more information >

340 days ago

Improved flow for editing a paid order in the POS

When you edit a paid order, in the dropdown you will see the payment method used as well as the date of payment.

341 days ago

Support for charging legacy Stripe tokens with Clearent

This option allows you to use existing tokens when transferring from Stripe to Clearent.

You will still be able to charge customers using Stripe while you are in transition.

341 days ago

Add photos from the New Order Page

The photos button was moved to the first screen of the New Order page for faster photo adding.

342 days ago

Automatically print a summary of orders you send to the plant

When you give the bag to the driver going the the plant from the Clean Page, a summary of what is sent to the plant will automatically be printed on the receipt printer. 

You can find more information on how to send orders to the plant from this link >

342 days ago

New API Endpoint

Possibility to use customer credit when creating an order.

343 days ago

Improved Product Import Tool

When importing your products to CleanCloud, you can now enter new fields in the template file:

ProductID (optional)


Child of

Prompt for heat seal

Extra Days

Conveyor slot space


Cost Price

Tax Exempt

346 days ago

347 days ago

QuickSort now available in the plant

You will be able to activate this option from Settings > Admin > Assembly > QuickSort in Plant Active

348 days ago

Improved Quick Search

The quick search at the top right of your screen can now also be used to find orders if on Pickups page. Previously, it only found orders on Clean or Ready page.

349 days ago

LADAs 2019 Winner!

We are very excited to have won the Digital Impact award in the LADAs 2019!

350 days ago

Metalprogetti Integration

You can now determine how much of an assembly slot a product takes up in the plant. 

Click here for more information >

352 days ago

New API Endpoint

Ability for customers to reset their password

356 days ago

Require Staff to Clock In at the Beginning of their Shift

You can now force staff to clock in if haven't already.

This can be set up from Settings > Admin > Store Settings > Force Staff to Clock In at Beginning of Shift

357 days ago

New User Permission

You can now decide wether or not you want to allow users to open the cash drawer.

362 days ago

Send Email Notification using API

The addOrder API has been updated with new options, including sendEmail if you wish to email your customers when you create the order.

If you don't want to automatically accept an order, but instead have your staff accept the order in CleanCloud POS, then you can now use the staffVerify option

363 days ago

New User Permission

You can now decide wether or not you want to allow users to edit the price lists of orders or customers.

365 days ago

Support for Waze in the Driver App

Our Driver App now supports Waze, along with Google Maps and Apple Maps

367 days ago

Arabic Support for the Star TSP100

We have now added Arabic support for the Star TSP100 receipt printer.

369 days ago

Support for Apple Maps in the Driver App

Our Driver App now supports Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Click here for more information on the App >

370 days ago

New User Permission

You can now decide wether or not you want to allow users to edit printer settings.

373 days ago

Server migration

CleanCloud has moved the final parts of its infrastructure to AWS.

This brings better uptime, speed, security, redundancy and backups to all of our users

376 days ago

New Customer Case Studies

Read about our new customer case studies on our blog page. We speak with the owners of In a Snap Laundry Service and Ladybug Cleaners to find out how CleanCloud helped them grow their business.

378 days ago

New User Permissions

We have added some new user permissions:

  • User permission to edit completed orders:

Without this permission, a user cannot edit an order that is completed (only accessible from the Search page)

  • User permission to edit an order in the plant:

Without this permission, a user cannot edit an order or mark it as cleaned from the POS while it is in Plant, unless the order is on Driver 2 or later

379 days ago

Ask for a customer's gender and birthday

You will now be able to specify a customer's gender and birthday.

Click here for more information >

380 days ago

Dutch Support

CleanCloud is now fully available in Dutch!

385 days ago

MetalProgetti Support in Plant Mode

Support for using MetalProgetti auto assembly conveyors has been added to CleanCloud's Plant mode. Previously it was solely available in CleanCloud's Store mode.

This includes support for having multiple MetalProgetti conveyors in your Plant, and being able to automatically send garments from different stores to different assembly conveyors in the same Plant.

398 days ago

New API Endpoint

Add Credit Card to Customer Account

400 days ago

Require Heat Seal for a Product

You can now require for specific products to have a heat seal barcode associated when creating an order. 

Click here for more information >

406 days ago

New API Endpoint

Add Subscription to a Customer Account

407 days ago

Customer SMS and Email History

You can now view the email/SMS history for each customer.

Click here for more information

409 days ago

New API Endpoints

Use a promo code

Get a customer's referral code and the referral bonuses

413 days ago

2019 SaaS Awards Winner!

We are very excited to have been named the Best SaaS Product for Small Non-US Businesses in the 2019 SaaS Awards!

Click here for more information >

417 days ago

New API Endpoints

View a list of available dates, times and available slots for pickup and delivery:

View a list of existing repeat pickups for a customer:

Delete a particular repeat pickup for a customer:

417 days ago

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Support

SCA support has been added to CleanCloud's customer apps. This currently applies to stores in the European Union.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

If the customer's bank requires a customer to provide verification when submitting their card details, the customer app will now prompt the customer to provide two-factor authentication.

424 days ago

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in CleanCloud POS

CleanCloud has worked closely with Stripe to bring SCA support into CleanCloud POS.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure.

When saving a customer's card or charging a customer's card in CleanCloud POS, their card details will now be processed to maximize the chance of success under the new EU regulations.

427 days ago

Mandarin Support

CleanCloud is now fully available in Mandarin!

430 days ago

CleanCloud Inbox

The CleanCloud Mailbox will allow you to see messages from your customers and reply to them. 

This feature will allow you to do that for emails, but also for SMS if you have a custom phone number with us. 

Click here for more information >

437 days ago

Korean Support

CleanCloud is now fully available in Korean!

439 days ago

Xero Partner Status

You can now automatically link your Xero account without us having to do anything on the support side. For you to link it, just press the big Connect to Xero button on the Settings->Accounting Integration page.

Once connected you will see a "Map Accounts" box appear, which allows you to connect accounts and sales code from your Xero to CleanCloud.

440 days ago

CleanCloud has a new logo

CleanCloud's new logo is now live

443 days ago

449 days ago

Tracking Individual Garments in Store

Previously when you tracked garment status in the store from the Clean page the tracking would be grouped by product type like

Shirt x 2 Trousers x 3

Now there is another option which works with each individual item. So you check each item and can see its item notes and heat seal ID. When all items are marked as cleaned, the order goes green. When some are cleaned the order goes orange.

To activate it you will see there is now the extra option on Settings->Admin->Track Progress of Individual Garments.

452 days ago

Heat Seal Improvement, Customer Auto Assign

Now when you scan a heat seal barcode on the New Order page, it will now automatically select the customer associated with that barcode, as well as adding the item to the basket.

It will only do this if you have not already assigned a customer to the order. This allows for you to have the order assigned to a different customer if you wish to.

454 days ago

Multiple Routes in the Driver App

Does your driver sometimes want to cover multiple routes at one time in the driver app? Did they have to toggle back and forth trying to get their shift done?

We felt your pain.

In the driver app you can now select multiple routes at one time, and see all the orders in the feed.

No app update required, it's live for everyone.

460 days ago

Get Orders API Endpoint Added

getOrders ( has been improved to allow you to filter your orders better. For example, you can now send a request to the API and get a list of orders that have been paid or not, or orders with a particular status (e.g. those awaiting clean).

This will allow you to build your own custom dashboards. You can then use the updateOrder endpoint to update an order if you like.

462 days ago

Splitting Tickets

When tracking individual items you can now select which items you would like to split into a new order if the items are running late.

This will create a new order for those items with new ready by date and email the customer if email on file.

This is possible in the store and the plant!

462 days ago

Clearent Payment Integration

With Clearent you can have a card terminal integration for in-store orders, as well as secure online storage of credit cards for charging customers with one click and handling online order payments.

Click here for more information on in-store payments and online payments.

482 days ago

Set A Repeat Delivery Date When Creating A New Order

There is now the 'Set Repeat Delivery Date' dropdown.

This means you can pre-set the delivery date when you create a repeat pickup.

497 days ago

Batch Action in Plant Mode

The Plant Mode now has batch action.

You can click on the IDs to highlight the rows blue; a box will pop up and the bottom right allowing you to perform an action on those highlighted rows.

499 days ago

Layout Change

Previously, you had to generate invoices under the Search page.

We now have separate "Search" and "Invoice" pages to make things clearer.

The invoice page is for your customer / business invoice needs.

Search is for searching customers, orders and payments

505 days ago

Filter in Plant Mode

Any text can be used to filter the table rows. Including searching the notes field, customer name, product name, order ID, or by section (for example searching for (L) will bring up laundry orders).

When you then press the "Update All" button, it will only update the status of the orders that were filtered.

538 days ago

Change the Default Price List in POS

You can now change which price list will be used as default in the POS from Settings->Admin->New Order page.

This can be used if you want to update you prices but still want the old prices for old orders, if you want to do a special offer for the month etc.

608 days ago

Add Tip To An Order

There is now a field where you can add the tip when creating or updating an order.

609 days ago

Price List Multiplier

When creating a price list, you can now use the multiplier if you want all your prices to increase/decrease by a certain percentage. 

You will then be able to edit prices individually if you wish.

Click here for more information >

615 days ago

Support For 3 Taxes

There is now support for 3 taxes in CleanCloud V2.

This can be set on the Settings->Admin->Store Settings page.

616 days ago

Automatic Refresh Tables

Particularly useful if you have multiple devices in store and you want them to automatically update the Clean, Ready and Pickups Page with any changes made on the other device.

This can now be enabled on the Settings>Admin>Store Settings Page.

You get to choose how often it checks for updates. Some customers of ours try to minimize how much data they use so they can select 5 minutes.

It replaces the ‘auto check for pickups every 5 minutes option’ since this feature also checks for new pickup orders and alerts them.

621 days ago

Most Popular Days Report

This shows the breakdown of your most popular days and which hours within those days are busy.

This will help figure out how to allocate staff based on which day/hours are popular.

622 days ago

Heat Seal Edit

You can now quickly edit a heat seal tag from the New Order page.

Click on the Barcode icon on the new order page, enter a barcode ID number and press the Edit button.

684 days ago

SMS on First Completed Order

You can now have 1 SMS sent automatically for each customer after their first completed order with your store.

Suggested uses include

  • Asking their customers for reviews on Google/Yelp/etc
  • A nice thank you message / brand reinforcement
  • A request for feedback

To turn this on there is a box on the Settings->SMS page where you enter your message.