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Grow your Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

Everything required to advance your capabilities, build loyalty and generate new revenue streams.

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Customer Retention

icon check Automatic notifications

icon check Customer CRM

icon check Customer Marketing

icon check Customer Re–engagement

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Customer Retention
Online Ads and Marketing


Digital Marketing

icon check Have CleanCloud setup and run online ads for you

icon check Attract new business with ease

icon check Efficient spending managed by experts to get the best ROI

icon check Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO & more

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Customer Loyalty

icon check Automated marketing rules

icon check Specific product and time discounts

icon check Promo codes and referral schemes

icon check Loyalty Point schemes

icon check Intelligent targeting to maximise returns

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Customer targeting
Online reviews


Boost Your Online Reputation

icon check Automate positive review requests on Google, Facebook and Yelp

icon check Intercept negative experiences before they post online

icon check Attract new customers at their point of need

icon check Increase customer service and confidence

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Develop New Revenue Streams

icon check Pickup and Delivery apps & website tool

icon check Add Lockers to expand your hours or physical presence

icon check Kiosk support to make your business truly 24/7

icon check Start and manage an effective subscription service

icon check Offer Shoe Repair with our Cobblers Direct integration

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Revenue Streams
Marketing metrics and learning


Marketing Metrics and Learning

icon check Learn what is and isn’t performing to intelligently grow

icon check See how many new vs regular customers you attract

icon check Intelligent reports to re-nurture customers

icon check Assess internal performance to better your operations

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Learn more about how we managed to grow our dry cleaning business.

"CleanCloud is growing my business. Through automation, reporting, and new revenue streams."

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