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spin laundry

Portland's busiest and America's most loved and innovative laundry uses CleanCloud to power their stores. With their fast turnaround, specific needs and requirement for exception customer service, CleanCloud was the only choice.

Portland's No.1

Spin Laundry Lounge

When Giralda Cleaners switched to CleanCloud they were able to save approximately $25,000 in software costs and were able to better manage their multiple stores in Florida. They were also able to launch their app powered pickup and delivery service.

Miami's No.1


Couldn't be more impressed by the functionality and ease of use. Did I mention customer support is incredible? It took us 3 weeks from the time I signed up to the time we implemented CleanCloud into our store and had our employees trained. Best decision we have made for our business!

Nick Owner, Rainbow Dry Cleaners, USA


For the customer, the online booking tool, email notifications and online payment make the experience seamless. For the dry cleaner, the ability to check in an order from a cell phone, receive payment before delivery and check day-to-day analytics on the go has been fantastic

Jonathan Owner, Dry Cleaners Toronto, Canada

Dry Cleaner Toronto

Love2Laundry is London's most loved pickup and delivery service. They use CleanCloud to help manage their huge volume of orders and co-ordinate their innovative and sophisticated business.

London's Finest

The No.1 Laundry Service

Ghana's No.1 Laundry Service uses CleanCloud to run their pickup and delivery service. Gaining a huge lead on their rivals and dramatically increasing the size of their business by being the first app powered pickup and delivery service in the country.

The No.1 Laundry Service

The No.1 Laundry Service

CleanCloud has allowed us to manage our dry cleaning business with many stores and a central plant, as well as allowing us to enter new markets. Our staff have taken to the software well, minimizing our training costs and reducing mislaid garments and uncollected orders.

Stephen Owner, DryCleanIT, Ireland


I have recently launched CleanCloud in my business and it is truly helpful and eases my day to day operation, I can monitor everything remotely through whatever device i am using. The support team are more than responsive to any comments or adjustment requested.

Ahmed Owner, Golden Class Dry Clean, UAE

Golden Class Dry Clean

I needed a software for my dry cleaning & laundry, which operates with 3 business models: we have counters, but now starting lockers and routes, too. CleanCloud was the not only the sole solution for our business, but it is also perfect.

Biljana Owner, MaxiCleaning, Serbia

Max Cleaning

To say that I am anything less than incredibly impressed would be untrue. Not only is the software powerful and easy to use, but the CleanCloud team is just amazing. If you are looking for a dry cleaning software for your business, you would be foolish to look anywhere else.

Steven Owner, PressDirect, USA


I started using CleanCloud in one of my stores in June. From start to finish they have been easy to work with, delivered a high quality product, and continue to improve the software. They are a valued partner in raising my business to the next level! Way to go CleanCloud team!

Chris Owner, Midway Cleaners, USA

Midway Cleaners