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"CleanCloud is growing my business. Through automation, reporting, and new revenue streams."

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USA's No.1

"CleanCloud has helped Spin Laundry Lounge grow in many different ways. It has enabled us to scale our business and enter into pickup and delivery."
– Morgan Gary, Owner

Five Stars 5.0
Five Stars 5.0

LA's No. 1

"We have grown our business 300% in the last year and half. We're scaling, we're growing to different states and different cities."
– Saba, Owner

Five Stars 5.0
Five Stars 5.0
Speed Queen Laundromat
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Miami's No.1 Laundromat

"With CleanCloud's technology we can grow to different locations throughout the state of Florida or even across the United States. We're extremely proud of what we've created."
– Aaron Cardelino, Co-Founder

Five Stars 5.0
Five Stars 5.0

Miami's No.1 Dry Cleaner

When Giralda Cleaners switched to CleanCloud they were able to save approximately $25,000 in software costs and were able to better manage their multiple stores in Florida. They were also able to launch their app powered pickup and delivery service.

Five Stars 5.0
Five Stars 5.0
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The World's Largest Laundry & Dry Cleaner

Al-Jabr is the largest dry cleaner and laundry in the world. They successfully run over 650 stores, with 7 plants across multiple cities all through CleanCloud. Al-Jabr takes full advantage of CleanCloud's advanced reporting tools to manage their entire operation, as well as automate key parts of their operation using CleanCloud's barcode workflows and MetalProgetti integration.

Five Stars 5.0
Five Stars 5.0


What companies are saying about CleanCloud

Suds Launderette

“Our staff love using CleanCloud and it's been a huge success for our business.”

- ROBERT, OWNER Suds Launderette Mississauga, Canada

ROA Cleaners

“It was very easy to transition to CleanCloud. The software is very self explanatory and easy to navigate.”

- JEANNE, OWNER ROA Cleaners Hollywood, USA

Eco–Clean Cleaners

“Unbelievable! The CleanCloud support team is second to none. The transition for our 6 stores was much easier than expected.”

- TODD, OWNER Eco–Clean Cleaners Kelowna, Canada


“Our relationship with our customers has dramatically improved since joining CleanCloud. We also love the support and all the new features.”

- MARY, OWNER Laundrymen Durham, USA

Turittos Dry Cleaners

“Best thing my business has done in 35 years.”

- JAMES, OWNER Turittos Dry Cleaners Bismark, USA

Clean and Press for Less

“CleanCloud has provided excellent support throughout the time I’ve been using them. They’re always improving the software to help us improve our business.”

- PAIGE, OWNER Clean and Press for Less Bismark, USA

Spin Laundry Lounge Logo

“Amazing! Wonderful support! Always answering my questions and listening to my feedback and ideas. Thank you so much.”

- MORGAN, OWNER Spin Laundry Lounge Portland, USA

Simply Clean Laundry Service

“We couldn't be happier. CleanCloud has been a game changer for our business.”

- MARK, OWNER Simply Clean Laundry Service St Louis, USA


“I needed a software for my dry cleaning & laundry, which operates with 3 business models: we have counters, but now starting lockers and routes, too. CleanCloud was the only the sole solution for our business.”

- BILJANA, OWNER MaxiCleaning

Midway Cleaners

“From start to finish CleanCloud have been easy to work with, delivered a high quality product, and continue to improve the software. They are a valued partner in raising my business to the next level!”

- CHRIS, OWNER Midway Cleaners St Paul, USA

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