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Laundry Cards

Integrations with LaundryCard, Fascard and Laundroworks pre-pay cards to speed up customer interaction.

Assign card to customer account

Pay for an order with their pre-pay card

View their pre-pay card information

LaundryCard FasCard Laundroworks
Laundromat and Wash and Fold POS picture

Ultimate Point of Sales

Fully featured, powerful and easy to use Point of Sales software for your laundromat and wash dry fold business.

Weight Scale Support

Printer and Barcode Scanner support

Track staff and customer activity

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Manage your Wash and Fold Services

Take charge of your wash dry fold business by using CleanCloud's wash and fold features.

Assign orders to your washers and dryers

View activity of your machines

Keep track of machine maintenance and costs

Manage Wash and Fold

Pickup and Delivery Services

Grow your laundry or wash dry fold business by launching an app powered pickup and delivery service

iOS & Android Pickup and Delivery apps

Website order tool for your website

Locker Integrations

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Oversee your Entire Workflow

Track which staff processed an order

Monitor all payouts from the cash drawer

Notify customers when their order is ready by SMS/Email

Run audits to identify missing or lost orders

Manage like a Pro

With CleanCloud you can view real time stats for any store from any location. We also automate lots of your tasks for you.

Performance Metrics

Access from Anywhere

Automated Customer & Business Invoicing

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