Geofence Updates

March 26, 2020

The Following updates have been made for adding/adjusting the geofence of your routes;

  • Geofence loads in a popup rather than a separate page. When you save the geofence you will no longer lose your place in the app page.
  • When editing or viewing geofence, it will centre the map on the geofence and automatically change the zoom level based on geofence size.
  • When editing geofence, it will show you the current geofence, and give you the option to move around the current one, rather than have to draw a new one from scratch. If you want to redraw, you can press the reset button then draw.
  • Once you've drawn the geofence, you can still move the pointers around to fine tune the geofence.

To adjust your routes go to; Settings > Admin > App > Routes.