Confirm Repeat Pickup Via SMS

April 16, 2020

There is now an option to set up SMS confirmation for repeat pickups. Instead of the system creating an order for the pickup automatically 24 hours before it is scheduled the system will send an SMS message to the customer asking for confirmation that they still require the pickup. You can select how far in advance the customer receives the SMS.

The customer will need to respond "YES" to the SMS for the system to create the pickup order, they will then receive an SMS message confirming pickup.

To set up SMS confirmation when creating a repeat pick up select this option from the "Type" drop down menu and enter the amount of days in advance you want to send the SMS.

This is currently limited to US, UK, Australia and Canada. However we may be able to add support for your country if you request it.

Note that you will be charged up to 3 SMS credits each time if you do not have your own phone number with CleanCloud, or up to 2 SMS credits if you have your own custom number.