Updates to Free Hosted Website Tool

April 28, 2020

We have made a number of updates an added new features to our free hosted website tool;

"Get directions" button on footer and contact page

There is now a clickable link to get directions to store with Google Maps on the footer and contact page of the website.

Favicon for customer website now uses store logo.

The favicon shows on the browser tab of the website and now uses your company logo. This requires the uploaded logo to be a .png.

Add icons to show available services

There are now a number of different icons that show the services available in your store.

Add testimonial / review source and show icon - Yelp / Google / Facebook

You can now ad the source for your testimonials/reviews and this will show the icon for each platform.

Improved price list layout

Price list now shows as multiple columns rather than just one.

These features can be accessed by going to Settings > Admin > Website.