Improved Metalprogetti Support

May 14, 2020

We have added the following features to the Metalprogetti integration with CleanCloud;

Metalprogetti in Plant, define unload location from conveyor for a store

We now have the ability to control which unload points garments will come off from the conveyor. This is determined by store ID, so some store IDs will go to unload point 1, some to point 2 etc.

We combine this with the ability to control which printer it uses when it prints receipt.

This is currently manually setup by a developer, so please contact support for more information.

Automatically print full receipt when order unloaded from MetalProgetti in the Plant

Support for 2 or more printers with Metalprogetti in Plant

Allows for separate printers at each unload location from the same Metalprogetti conveyor, or separate printers for each Metalprogetti conveyor.

You can specify the details of each printer by going to Settings->Admin->Plant.