New overview page in metrics

August 17, 2022

Check out our new overview page in Metrics! Settings > Metrics > Overview

We've organized the overview page so that you can quickly and efficiently see all the key information you need in one place for what has happened in a day.As a manager, the Dashboard section with all your graphs focuses on general trends for your business, while the Overview page is focused on being the place to go to to monitor all your daily events.

Info added includes:

  • Cash ups from the day
  • Staff performance summary
  • List of payouts
  • List of credit given to customers
  • Overdue orders (current time past the ready by date)
  • To be cleaned for today but still cleaning
  • To be cleaned for tomorrow but still cleaning
  • List of refunded orders
  • List of discounted orders
  • List of orders where credit used
  • List of deleted orders
  • List of promo code uses
  • Failed subscription payments (only for those that have a new subscription type)