Call to Action in Email Marketing

December 29, 2022

Have you been looking for an easier way to prompt your customers to do what you intend for them to do when sending to them email marketing?

We now have a solution for you!

If you go to Settings > Marketing > Email, you can scroll down to where it says 'Call to Action Button'. From there you can choose what you would like to prompt your customers to do when they receive an email from you for marketing.

You can prompt them to either:

  • Create an Order
  • View Pricing
  • Use a Promo Code
  • Send a Gift Card
  • Add a Subscription
  • Add a Repeat Pickup
  • Go to a Custom URL

This would then appear as a button for them which will be easy for them to click on when they receive marketing from you via email. When they click on the button you set up, it will direct them to either the customer app (if they have it installed) and if not, the web app.