Check the Customer’s Address prior to signing up for an account in the Web Booking Tool

February 20, 2023

You will now have the ability to toggle on the option to check a customer's address in the web booking tool prior to the customer being required to sign up for an account. Allowing us to check if the customer is in your service area prior to account creation. 

Can activate in Admin > P&D > Address Options > Toggle on ‘Customer Can Check If Address Is In Geofence before Creating Account’

(Web Booking Tool Only)

Once activated there will also be a button in Admin > P&D > Routes to see customers that were outside the service area. It will be right next to Add Route - View out of Service Area. Letting you know the Date, Address, Name, Email, and Telephone of these customers so that they can be informed when you start servicing their area.

In the web booking tool, if you click 'Sign Up' the customer has to enter the address first which will check if they are in the service area. If they are not, they are prompted to provide contact details for when the store expands its service area.