Bells Dry Cleaners

1st December 2020

Meet our Customers - Jason

Meet Jason Webb. Jason owns Bells Dry Cleaners in Canberra and has been a CleanCloud customer for over 2 years. We caught up with Jason to see how his business is getting on, and also his experience using CleanCloud.

Tell us a bit about you and your business.

We are Canberra’s largest and most respected Dry Cleaner in Canberra, the Capital of Australia. We are a franchise group and all of our locations are package plants specializing in retail dry cleaning, commercial work and insurance work. We are trusted with all things complicated and run multiple solvents to achieve results. I have owned Dry Cleaning businesses since 1999 and enjoy the daily challenges that our industry has.

What is your favourite CleanCloud feature and why?

The simplicity and speed of orders. I estimate 80% of our orders and done in less than a minute compared to our previous POS which was 3-4 minutes. The regular upgrading is seamless and CleanCloud is always seeking input to system changes which is excellent in an industry with a lot of variation to the structures.

Has CleanCloud helped your business?

CleanCloud made us relevant IT wise. Our previous system was extremely limited in its applications and processes and ability to do admin tasks like add printers, revenue reporting and even change product items. The introduction of CleanCloud and the ‘clean’ system of notifications in itself was a marketing tool to showcase our commitment to our business and our customers.

How did you find the transition over to CleanCloud?

My first store changeover was done entirely without the need for onsite support. I do not have advanced IT knowledge but with the help of the search features I was able to successfully get a multi terminal system operating.

How do your staff find using CleanCloud?

Basically, all our staff have transitioned to this system very easily. The lifecycle of orders is logical and generally if users are familiar with general App or phone software use they can easily understand and use this product. With most things on one page it is easy to get an overview and see what data has been entered before finalizing orders.

How do you feel about the support CleanCloud provides?

Darren, John and everyone at CleanCloud has been fantastic to work with and very accommodating to our needs and very good to work with.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I did a lot of research when considering the change to CleanCloud and in hindsight I should have made the switch quicker. There is a reluctance to go to Cloud based systems in Australia however we have not experienced any issue in relation to this and even though there is no local support it is still better than the support of other industry specific software products in Australia.

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