Laundromat Security with CleanCloud

24th October 2023

As a laundromat owner, keeping your business secure is a top priority. From making sure your customers' data is safe, to ensuring that every payment is processed securely. And let’s not forget about tracking and monitoring staff activity. As the business owner you're responsible for ensuring you're safeguarded against data breaches and unauthorized access. In order to do so you need to have confidence and trust in your employees, and more importantly, in the software and tech that you use to run your operations. At CleanCloud, not only do we streamline the management of your laundry business, but we also place a strong emphasis on security for our customers, making sure that your laundromat stays safe and efficient. Read on to learn more about the security tools CleanCloud can provide to your laundry business.

CleanCloud Digital Security

Point-of-Sale (POS) System Security

The trusty POS system, it’s a staple, especially for those in the laundromat industry. But, how do we keep these platforms secure? At CleanCloud, we backup data every single day to independent servers. This works as a safety net, ensuring that your data remains intact and accessible protecting you from the unlikely event of a hard drive crash, theft or any other tech mishap. Additionally, all data going to and from our server are encrypted and secure, reinforcing our commitment to preventing unauthorized access or breaches.

Online Payments

Online ordering has quickly become the go to option for many, and more and more laundromats running pickup and delivery or taking online orders have followed the trend. While this is super convenient for customers and great for business, we've got to make sure those online transactions are safe. With CleanCloud, your customers' credit card details are stored securely. We are PCI Compliant which is like the gold standard when it comes to credit card security. It’s designed to reduce payment card fraud helping to keep your customers' bank details safe.

CleanCloud Staff Security

When running a laundromat, it's important that you can trust your team. With CleanCloud, you can make sure that each team member has the right tools and permissions for their role.

Staff Permissions

Whether you are onboarding a new employee or just adjusting the role of a current one, CleanCloud lets you select a range of different permissions for your staff. Let’s take a look at some of the top options:

Edit Orders

Team members can create, edit, and even duplicate orders. This includes tweaking details like items, payment types, and delivery dates. You can also edit those that have already been paid for if necessary. It's important to grant this level of access to the specific staff that you can trust so you can ensure that each customer order has been adjusted correctly.

Discounts & Credits

If you are offering special discounts or credits to your customers, you can grant employees access to apply these to their orders. By granting this permission, it's easier to track which discounts or credits are being applied and by which staff member. This can help in reviewing how effective your promotions are, ensuring that discounts are not misused.

Product Management

From manually opening the cash drawer to managing product listings and prices, it's all in there. The cash drawer often contains a significant amount of money, so limiting access ensures that only trained individuals handle cash, reducing the potential for theft or mishandling. Price lists are central to a laundromat’s revenue. By letting a few trusty team members have access to edit these, you can ensure that the pricing stays consistent avoiding any potential mistakes.

Invoices & Data Export

Control who has access to handling invoices and business metrics such as revenue and sales. If you need to export some reports, we’ve got permissions for that too! Information related to revenue, sales, and invoices is sensitive. It provides insights into the financial health and operational strategies of the business. Unauthorized access or leaks could be detrimental so you want to make sure access is restricted only to those who are qualified and trained to manage this type of data. Invoices are also legal documents that detail transactions between the business and its clients. Any mistakes or unauthorized changes can lead to disputes or even legal challenges.

The beauty of CleanCloud's system is that you can tailor these permissions to match each user's role and responsibilities. It's all about ensuring a secure and efficient operation for your staff!

Track Pay-ins & Pay-outs

Now, as with any business, you’ll want to know who accessed the cash drawer and when. With our advanced POS system, you gain the ability to monitor staff activity, including tracking the ins and outs of your cash drawer. This is a super valuable tool as it provides you with an accurate record in case you come across the rare event of discrepancies and any other issues. By knowing who accessed the cash drawer and when, it keeps a sense of responsibility among your team, encouraging a professional and transparent work environment.

PIN Prompt

There may be times where your staff have to walk away from the POS leaving it unattended. To help protect your business you can enable our PIN prompt feature. This will require anyone wanting to use the POS after a period of inactivity (which you control) to enter a PIN, meaning you can be confident that the only person accessing the POS is the person who is supposed to. Each employee can have their own PIN, helping you track who is logged into the store account.

Two-Factor Authentication

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security on your CleanCloud account. It provides an extra verification step during login, ensuring safety even if a password is breached. Supported on Google, Microsoft Authenticator, and others.

From the start of the laundry day to the end, security remains paramount. At CleanCloud, we're right there with you. With features tailored to safeguard every aspect of your operations, from financial transactions to staff permissions, we’re here to put your mind at ease. So, while you focus on getting clean laundry out the door, rest easy knowing CleanCloud has your digital security covered.

To learn more about staff security features, head over to our collection of help articles.

If you are interested in CleanCloud, sign up for a 14-day free trial today and we’ll be in touch!

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