5 things to consider when setting up your laundromat business

6th April 2023

Considering starting a laundromat business? Laundromats can be a lucrative venture, the US laundry and dry cleaning market was estimated at $10.82 billion in 2021 but like any business, there are several important factors to consider when you first start out. We’ve put together five crucial things to keep in mind to ensure the success of your laundromat business.

1. Location, Location, Location

One of the most crucial factors in the success of any business is location. When choosing a location for your laundromat business, you should consider factors such as visibility, accessibility, and proximity to potential customers. Ideally, you want a location with high foot traffic and easy access for customers who need to transport their laundry to and from the laundromat so make sure you have plenty of parking or are close to good transportation links.

It might sound obvious, but it’s also worth considering the demographics of the area to make sure it fits with your target customer. For example, if you are located near a university, you may have a higher demand for wash dry and fold services, as students may not have access to laundry facilities on campus. Alternatively, if you are in a family-oriented neighborhood, consider offering larger machines to accommodate larger loads of laundry.

The final element to consider when picking your location is competition. Are there other laundromats in the area? If so, how close are they to you and what will you do to ensure that your business stands out?

2. Payment Processing and POS Solutions

With advancements in technology, many laundromat businesses are transitioning from coin-operated machines to digital payment systems. Customers can pay for their laundry services using credit or debit cards, mobile payment apps, or prepaid cards. Being able to accept multiple payments is fast becoming vital to laundromat businesses as more and more customers adopt mobile and cashless payments methods.

Payment is just one aspect of a point-of-sale (POS). A reliable, comprehensive POS solution is vital to the success of modern laundromats. And while there are many options available, it’s worth doing your research and investing in a POS system built specifically for the laundry industry vs. a generic POS built for retail or hospitality. An industry specific POS solution like CleanCloud, will do so much more than simply allowing you to take digital and cash payment. You’ll be able to track sales across your stores and generate insightful reports which help you to manage and run your business, better. With CleanCloud’s all-in-one solution you can manage inventory, monitor staff activity and even run payroll all from one system, saving you valuable time and money.

3. Equipment and Maintenance

The success of your laundromat business will depend heavily on the quality and reliability of your equipment, so take your time and do your research to make sure you get the equipment that’s right for you. It is important to invest in high-quality machines that can handle a variety of load sizes and types of fabrics. Consider offering a variety of machines, including front-loading washers, top-loading washers, and large-capacity machines for oversized loads.

Your machines will be used a lot, so maintenance is also key in ensuring the longevity of your equipment. It is important to have a regular maintenance schedule for all machines and to replace any equipment that is no longer functioning properly. This is yet another way that a POS solution like CleanCloud can help make running your business easier, with maintenance tracking you can easily track your machine repair history and costs, helping you keep things running smoothly.

4. Marketing and Customer Service

Once your laundromat business is up and running, it is important to attract and retain customers. Marketing efforts can include everything from advertising in local publications to creating a website and social media presence. You may also consider offering promotions or discounts to first-time customers or those who refer friends and family to your business.

If you’ve taken notice of point 2 and invested in a POS like CleanCloud, you can even run marketing campaigns direct from your account. We can help you get up and running with a website, send email campaigns to your customers, and generate SMS and push notifications to boost sales.

Another way to attract new customers is to consider offering additional services to your core offering like pick up and delivery or shoe repair. This will help attract new customers to your business and ultimately grow your bottom line. Last, but certainly not least, think about your customer service. Great customer service is key to retaining customers. Be sure to train your staff to be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful to customers.

5. Legal and Financial Considerations

Starting a laundromat business requires careful attention to legal and financial considerations. This includes obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, registering your business, and obtaining liability insurance. It is also important to establish a solid financial plan, including setting up a budget, managing cash flow, and determining pricing strategies.

Consider hiring a financial professional or legal advisor to help you navigate these processes and ensure that your business is compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

So there you have it. There are clearly several important factors to consider when starting a laundromat business. By choosing a strategic location, implementing digital payment solutions, investing in high-quality equipment, focusing on marketing and customer service, and ensuring legal and financial compliance, you can establish a successful and profitable laundromat business.

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