7 Reasons Why Online Reviews Will Help Your Business Grow

16th September 2021

Social Proof Drives Purchases

Your customers are more likely to make purchases if they can see others around them making purchases- even total strangers. For nearly 9 in 10 consumers, an online review is as important to them as receiving a personal recommendation. 

Online reviews are the provision of social proof and as a consequence can make the difference between making sales. Being able to encourage reviews by emailing customers after purchases and offering a discount in return for a completed review 

Reviews boost SEO, being a successful brand also means you're a visible one. 

When a customer is looking for a product or service, they will use a search engine like google. These websites all have unique ways of showing your customers content, and they value original and fresh content- customer reviews have the ability to help feed this content machine, keeping your brand favoured by algorithms. 

When you have a steady stream of customer reviews, content that search engines value highly when choosing which results to return. More reviews = more stars = more clicks.

They Make You Look Trustworthy

The way in which customers are talking about you and your business is just as important as the fact that they’re saying your name. Having a highly positive footprint, makes your business trustworthy and this will eventually help you drive more sales. 

They Expand the Conversation About You

Very good reviews have a way of quickly spreading. Encouraging consumers to review your company is an easy way to expand your brand’s reach. Even on an individual level, having positive reviews can help push future reviews. 

They Are Increasingly Essential to Decision Making 

A proactively cultivated brand is one that increases your online visibility, and today, that mans encouraging several ways for people to talk about you. Social media is a great tool, however the ability for customers to talk about you on other channels is crucial.

They Have a Clear Impact on Sales

Case studies and theory can be misleading. Reality doesn’t always follow logic, and there are always outliners. But there’s a growing body of benchmark data that proves that reviews do empirically lead to increased revenue. 

They Give You An Open Line to Consumers 

More than simply posting reviews, consumers today expect companies to respond to their comments. 

These reviews also give you a forum to be frank with consumers and reinforce positive reviews with thanks, promotions. More importantly they give you a way to identify and quickly rectify a poor review and show that you care about your customers. 

How can CleanCloud help? 

CleanCloud can help with this! With CleanCloud’s Review’s Feature your customers will be automatically/ manually sent a review request. When the click the link / notification, it asks them ‘Have you had a positive experience’ 

If they press:

  • Yes - it will ask them to leave a review, and to select which platform to post it on (Facebook, Google or Yelp). If they chose Yelp, then the Facebook Business page reviews will increase by 1. 
  • No - it will ask them for feedback, and when they submit it, it will be seen on the customer's CleanCloud account. It won't be posted anywhere else. 

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