Choosing the perfect spot for your laundromat

4th August 2023

When it comes to opening a laundromat, it’s all about picking the right location. Picture a place where locals gather to wash their laundry, form connections and leave with a basket of fresh sheets. It’s a vision we’re excited to help you turn into a reality. Question is, what makes a good location? There are many considerations from demographics and foot traffic to local regulations and growth potential. We’ve rounded up a list of things to keep in mind when purchasing a new laundromat.

1. Research the demographics

First things first, you need to get to know your future customers! Are you targeting college students looking to do their laundry conveniently, busy professionals with little time on their hands, or families who need to conquer heaps of dirty clothes? Understanding the demographics of the area will help you cater your services to fit the audience. For example, is there demand for a pickup and delivery service? Is it worth adding a cafe and extra facilities in your store so customers have somewhere to relax while waiting for their laundry? These can all be tailored through research and you can plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

2. Foot traffic

Seek out locations with ample foot traffic. High-density residential areas, busy commercial districts, and neighborhoods close to popular amenities like grocery stores or cafes are excellent options. The more people passing by, the more potential customers you'll attract. As you scout for the perfect location, take note of peak hours for foot traffic in each potential area. A bustling street during the day might turn into a ghost town at night, which may or may not align with your business hours and target market. Additionally, consider the seasonality of foot traffic, as some areas may experience fluctuations based on holidays, events, or weather conditions.

3. Industry competition

Instead of being discouraged by the presence of other laundromats in the vicinity, view it as a valuable source of information and insight. These existing businesses can provide valuable clues about the demand for laundry services in the area and help you fine-tune your strategy. Visit nearby laundromats and pay attention to the services they offer, the pricing structure, and the overall customer experience. Once you have a clear picture, you can identify the gaps in the market and see where your unique offerings will fit to help you stand out in the crowd.

4. Local regulations and zoning laws

Make sure you understand the local regulations and zoning laws. Some areas might have restrictions on commercial businesses in certain zones, so it's important to confirm that a laundromat is a permissible use. 

Businesses licences and permits: 

Next up, we have business licences and permits. Don't worry; it sounds scarier than it is! Just make sure you've got all the necessary paperwork required by your city, country, or state. These permits may include health permits, building permits, fire department permits and more. 

Building codes and safety requirements:

Let's not forget about building codes and safety regulations. Double check that your laundromat meets all the requirements to create a secure environment for your staff and customers. This includes fire safety measures, accessibility requirements and adherence to electrical and plumbing codes. 

Noise regulations:

Laundromats can generate noise, especially if you’re using those hard-working commercial washers and dryers. You might want to have a look into any noise restrictions in your local area and take measures to minimize any disturbances - it's always a good neighbor move.

The world of local restrictions and zoning laws can sometimes feel like a real maze so it’s a good idea to use a business attorney that’ll provide some guidance and make sure you’re on the right track. They’ll also help you avoid any unexpected fines and delays.

5. Growth potential

Think long-term. Is the area experiencing growth and development? Choosing a location in a growing community might mean more potential customers in the future. Look for areas experiencing population growth whether due to job opportunities, a developing housing market, or an expanding university. All of these factors can lead to an increased demand for laundry services. One other point to add here is that you could always engage with the local community to understand their needs and expectations. Join local events and gather feedback from the residents. This will help you tailor your services to their preferences and strengthen customer loyalty. 

Once you have found the perfect location for your laundromat, consider investing in an all-in-one POS like CleanCloud, to help manage and further grow your business. Sign up to a 14 day free trial today and try out our system for your store.

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