Contactless Orders and Curbside Pickup to Help You Through COVID-19

10th May 2020

CleanCloud is introducing an industry first to the dry cleaning and laundry world: Contactless Orders. With this new offering the thousands of dry cleaners and laundries that use CleanCloud worldwide are able to give their customers a contactless experience, including curbside pickup and real-time check in.

The customer can now simply create their order in CleanCloud’s iOS or Android app, select when they are dropping off the order and hand their garments to the store, either via drop-shoot or across the counter. When the clothes are cleaned and ready, the customer can Check In via the app when they arrive, which prompts the store in real time to prepare the order, and if possible bring out their order to their car.

The dry cleaning and laundry industry was already changing very fast to meet with changing customer needs. With the challenge of COVID-19 it has this has been further fast forwarded, and CleanCloud hopes this innovation will allow its users be the most successful and rise above any challenges.

CleanCloud is known for providing Point of Sales and Pickup & Delivery solutions to dry cleaners and laundry services in over 80 countries. It services the entire market, ranging from small family owned operators all the way through to the largest dry cleaning chains in the world.

With this feature release we are adding another innovation to this industry, which will help to protect the population from COVID-19, while enabling all our stores to minimize their risk as they open back up to the public.

If you would like to offer this service you can get started in minutes at

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