Going digital: steps to digitizing your laundromat or dry cleaning business

9th May 2023

Laundromats and dry cleaners have long been a fixture of local communities, providing a valuable service to people who don't have access to their own washing machine or dryer. But in today's increasingly digital world, it's important to embrace technology and go digital in order to stay competitive and provide a better customer experience. 

So how can you make your store digital? We’ve looked at 5 ways in which you can you can make your store digital:

1. Install online payment systems

Online payments have become the norm for businesses of all kinds, and laundromats or dry cleaners are no exception. Stores can offer customers the ability to pay for their laundry orders from the comfort of their own homes using their mobile phones or other devices. This eliminates the need for customers to carry cash, which can be especially helpful for those who rely on making payments by card.

At CleanCloud, we created the ultimate payment solution to help streamline the online payment process for our customers, CleanCloud Pay. Fully integrated with our POS system, stores have the flexibility to set up quick and convenient online payments for every order placed at their store. It’s the go to solution for those looking to go digital.

2. Choose a POS software

If you own or manage a laundromat or dry cleaning business, you know that having an efficient and reliable point-of-sale (POS) system is crucial for your success. A good POS system can help you manage inventory, track sales, and streamline customer transactions. Take a system like ours for example, CleanCloud is the all-in-one solution built specifically for those in the laundry and dry cleaning industry. We streamline and simplify your operations from inventory management, cutting-edge marketing tools and everything you need to set up your own pickup and delivery service.

Our goal is to help laundromat owners grow their business, so as well as offering an industry leading POS we’ve integrated with partners such as Gusto, DoorDash and Cobblers Direct, to bring you everything you need in order to stand out from the competition and succeed. 

3. Branded Apps

Businesses of all kinds are turning to mobile apps to enhance their customer experience. Laundromats and dry cleaners are no exception to this trend. Branded apps provide an easy and convenient way for customers to interact with your store. Firstly, you are quite literally in the pocket of your customer who likely checks their phone multiple times a day. If when they open their phone, they see your brand, they’re more likely to order. And even if they don’t see you on their home screen, you can send timely push notifications to highlight promotional offers, offer discounts and incentives to get customers ordering again. And it works, across all industries including retail, hospitality, and laundry, app customers spend more, and stay more loyal than non app customers.

4. Online marketing & social media

Online marketing can be a powerful tool for laundromat businesses looking to increase their visibility, attract new customers, and build brand recognition, and there are many ways to help you achieve this. The list is long, so we’ll highlight some of the top digital marketing methods.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can be great channels for laundromats to connect with potential customers. Use this space as a way to promote your business with a mixture of engaging content. This could include images of your store or videos of customers using your service. Boost brand exposure and attract a new customer base to your business.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential and existing customers. You can use email to promote special offers and discounts, announce new services or products, and keep customers informed about your business. CleanCloud offers marketing tools that help you build everything from one off emails to advanced campaigns.

Website Content & SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your laundromat business rank higher in search engine results pages such as Google or Bing, making it easier for customers to find you online. Create a branded website for your laundromat as an additional channel for current and new customers to find out more about the services you offer. 

5. Digital loyalty schemes & offers

We’ve all heard of loyalty schemes, they’re nothing new and businesses have offered stamp cards for years. So why go digital? Because it’s 10x better. By switching up your loyalty programme to digital, you can track redemption rates and keep a closer eye on what incentives your customers are drawn to most. Once you know what works, you can double down on it, nurturing the relationships that matter to your business to drive more sales and ultimately giving your revenue an extra boost. Going digital is secure and seamless, digital loyalty programmes 

 are less open to fraud than traditional paper stamp cards and both your and your customers can keep a better track of loyalty points and offers. They’re less likely to get lost than traditional paper stamp cards, and they’re more eco-friendly. They’re a win-win!  

Start a 14 day free trial today and find out why CleanCloud is the number 1 POS system for laundromats and dry cleaners.

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