Laundromat Success: The Power of a Clear Process

21st July 2023

Running a laundromat is a tough gig, staying on top of orders, keeping customers happy, managing staff - there aren’t enough hours in the day! One way to keep things running smoothly is to have a clear process in place for your staff to follow. One of the key secrets to achieving this is by owning a nifty checklist. From keeping the floors squeaky clean to tidying away all the loose detergent bottles, your team will have a clear list of tasks to follow.

But who has the time to write out a process? Leave it to us. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a daily checklist that your hardworking team can tick off as they conquer the working day. We’ve covered all the little things that will keep your store ship shape, and help make laundry day a delightful experience for everyone who steps through those doors.

But let’s face it, a checklist alone isn’t enough, right? There’s more to running a successful laundromat than keeping things clean and tidy. And that’s where we come in. 


At CleanCloud, our goal is to make the life of a busy laundromat owner easier. No complicated tech and expensive hardware here, just an intuitive, easy to use POS which integrates with your existing hardware, making processing and tracking orders a breeze. Using an iPad? We work with that. Prefer a laptop? We work with that too. Bought a Star printer? Great! Thinking about Epson printers instead? No problem. Whatever tech you’re using, CleanCloud can integrate.

Our all-in-one solution is packed with essential features for laundromat businesses, add detailed notes to garments, and add relevant upcharges such as premium detergent or stain remover. See at a glance where in the wash, dry, fold process a garment is at any given time with filtering, and automatically send text messages for pickup and delivery orders to keep customers informed of their order through two-way communication.

We’ve helped over 3,000 laundromats and dry cleaners digitize their business, enabling integrated payments (because today’s customers want to pay by card, Apple Pay or online), powering online orders and helping businesses launch pick up & delivery. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

Find out how CleanCloud can help you better run, manage and grow your laundromat business. Sign up to a free no obligation 14 day free trial and try the system for yourself today. Don’t forget to also join our Community of like-minded laundromat and dry cleaner owners, where you can ask questions, share insights and connect with business owners just like you. 

Our daily checklist comes complete with cleaning and admin tasks, download for free and print off ready for your employees to try out in your laundromat. 

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