Must-Have Equipment for a Wash, Dry & Fold Business

29th June 2023

If you're considering starting a wash, dry & fold business, you're in for an exciting and profitable journey! But remember, to make it a real success story, it's essential to get the basics right. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right equipment from commercial-grade washers and dryers to nifty ironing and folding stations. In this blog post, we'll explore the must-haves that will take your laundry services to the next level.

Washers and Dryers

First things first, commercial-grade washers and dryers. These heavy-duty machines are designed to handle large volumes of laundry efficiently, so you can power through laundry orders with ease. Look for models that offer various load capacities to suit your business's needs. 

Top-load washers typically handle smaller loads and have faster wash and rinse cycles than a front loading machine. Plus, you can always open the door and to the wash if you need to. But they tend to use more water and energy during a cycle, making them a little more expensive to run. And clothes usually take a little longer to dry out afterwards.

Front load machines are great if you’re short on space as you can stack them on top of each other - more machines mean more laundry! They’re also pretty cost efficient as unlike top-load machines, they’ll only use the water needed for the cycle. Most front loading machines also have a better spin cycle meaning clothes require less drying time. But they do tend to cost more to buy, meaning more of an upfront investment.

Coin operated washers and dryers come equipped with built-in coin mechanisms or card readers, your customers can pay for their laundry directly through the machine, adding a touch of convenience to their laundromat experience. Here's a pro tip: opt for energy-efficient machines to not only save on utility costs but also reduce your environmental footprint.

POS Management System

Owning a point-of-sale (POS) system for your wash, dry, and fold business can be super beneficial, take us, CleanCloud for example. CleanCloud can help streamline your laundry business with staff management, handy reporting tools, SMS and email marketing and much more. We can even help you start up your very own pickup and delivery service making your business more accessible for customers. We’ve also integrated with the likes of Gusto and Cobblers Direct to bring in new revenue streams for our customers, the opportunities are endless.

In a nutshell, a POS system will streamline the process of managing your store, ultimately giving your overall efficiency and profitability a well deserved boost.

Sorting and Storage

Sorting and storing laundry efficiently can make a world of difference in your daily operations. Invest in sturdy laundry carts or bins to sort clothes based on color and fabric type. This simple step will prevent any accidental color bleeding and allow your team to work more efficiently. Hanging racks or garment rails are also ideal for storing freshly laundered clothes that need to remain wrinkle-free.

Ironing & Pressing

Some garments require a little extra care to look their best. Enter the ironing and pressing stations! Set up dedicated areas equipped with commercial-grade irons, steamers, and proper workstations. For larger volumes of laundry, consider investing in a pressing machine. These machines can handle bulkier items like sheets, tablecloths, or large garments more efficiently than traditional irons. They apply consistent pressure and heat, resulting in crisp and perfectly pressed items.


Thought folding was simple? Think again. The world of folding equipment offers an array of options to make your laundry business even more productive. Commercial laundry folding tables will be your trusty companion. These sturdy tables provide you with a spacious and flat surface to manually fold clothes. While they may require a bit of elbow grease, they offer a personal touch and allow you to inspect each garment meticulously. If you're ready to take your laundry business to the next level, consider investing in automated folding machines. These use mechanical arms and sensors to fold clothes automatically, a wise choice if you’re managing a busy store. Consider your business volume, budget, and specific folding needs when selecting the right folding tools that work best for you. 

If you're new to the game and looking for some laundry folding expertise, we've got just the thing for you. Check out this fantastic video created by The Folde, and they'll teach you some nifty tips and tricks that'll have your laundry looking neat and tidy in no time.

Customer Comfort

When it comes to running a wash, dry & fold business, it's not just about providing excellent laundry services but also creating a delightful experience for your customers. Adding some fun and unique elements to your business can leave a lasting impression and set you apart from the competition. Consider creating a lounge area as a place for your customers to relax while they wait for their laundry. Set up a self-serve refreshment station with complimentary coffee, tea, water and don’t forget free wi-fi. 

These small gestures will create a welcoming atmosphere and show your customers that you care about their comfort. Lastly, consider customers who have little ones in tow, a dedicated kids' play area can be a lifesaver. Set up a small play corner with toys, books, or a coloring station to keep children entertained and make the laundry experience more enjoyable for both parents and kids.

So, there you have it! Investing in high-quality equipment not only ensures excellent results for your customers but also makes the process smoother and more efficient for your hardworking team. So, take the time to consider your workload and garment types, and choose the appropriate equipment that will help you conquer the world of wash, dry & fold.

If you are looking for a handy POS system to help run your wash, dry and fold business, sign up to a 14 day free trial with CleanCloud.

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