Why Should You Invest in a Specialized POS for Your Laundry or Dry Cleaning Business

7th September 2023

There's a certain charm to starting small. The tactile feel of pen on paper, the satisfaction of logging each order as it comes in. For those just stepping into the world of laundromats, this manual approach doesn't just work, it feels right. But what happens when the business starts to grow?

Jeff Moak, a laundromat veteran with over 35 years of experience and owner of three SuperClean Laundromat stores, offers a reality check. "If you only had 2 unique customers a day, keeping track of 14 customers would work. But in business, especially wash and fold or dry cleaning, you could have different customers each week. Your 14 unique customers could turn into 30 unique customers each month with 60 orders or more you are processing," he says.

The true challenge rears its head when the scale of your operation begins to grow.


When you cross certain thresholds—be it 100, 200, or 500 orders per month—those inconveniences of yesteryears suddenly morph into significant operational headaches. What once felt manageable with pen and paper, or a basic POS system and a spreadsheet program, quickly escalates into a logistical nightmare.

Enter CleanCloud

It's at this crucial juncture that specialized POS software like CleanCloud emerges as the choice for laundromat and dry cleaners. You see, generalized POS software like Square or Clover aren’t built to handle the complex workflow for a laundromat or a dry cleaner.

Designed specifically with the laundry industry in mind, CleanCloud is tailored to address the multifaceted challenges of a bustling laundromat or dry cleaning business. Whether it's the detailed tracking of garments, customized workflows, or integrated marketing, CleanCloud has it covered.

Let's delve into some of the features that set CleanCloud apart from other generic POS systems and why you should consider getting an industry specific POS like CleanCloud for your business.  

Order Management

Order management is not just about tracking payments or noting down customer names. It's a process where every garment's journey, from the moment it's dropped off to its return to the customer, is mapped out meticulously. CleanCloud ensures that special cleaning instructions are adhered to, with every delicate lace dress or silk tie given the attention they deserve. Such precision ensures that items aren't just cleaned, but they're cared for, preserving their integrity and extending their lifespan. Customers are always in the loop, receiving real-time updates with emails and SMS about their laundry's status. This builds trust and customer satisfaction.

When it comes to managing orders in a laundromat, the stakes are higher than one might initially realize. Every garment has its own story, its own unique requirements, and it's crucial that the journey from drop-off to pickup is flawless.

For those relying on generic retail-based POS systems, the limitations quickly become evident. These systems, designed for the straightforward, one-off transactions of the retail world, falter when faced with the intricacies of laundry operations. Sure, they'll register a payment, but tracking a garment's journey through the cleaning process? Or diving into the history of an order to see when it was edited and by whom? These nuances are often relegated to supplementary tools, like spreadsheets or even the age-old pen and paper. Without a dedicated system to handle these specifics, the door opens wide for potential errors, misplaced clothes, missed special instructions, and a lack of accountability in the order process.

Moreover, the lack of integrated communication tools in generic POS systems means customers are often left in the dark. No real-time updates, no notifications when their favorite dress is ready for pickup, no transparency. This absence of continuous engagement is a missed opportunity for building trust and loyalty.

And let's talk about payments. In the laundromat world, it's not uncommon for customers to make partial payments upfront and settle the rest upon collection. Generic POS systems, tailored for the 'pay-and-go' retail model, struggle to handle such advance payments. This shortcoming not only complicates the payment process but also risks financial discrepancies.

CleanCloud is designed with the nuances of laundromats and dry cleaners in mind. Each garment's journey, from drop-off to return, is mapped out in detail. Special cleaning instructions, be it for a delicate lace dress or a silk tie, are adhered to with precision. The platform ensures garments aren't just cleaned but are cared for, preserving their integrity and longevity.

But it doesn't stop at meticulous tracking. CleanCloud actively engages customers, sending them real-time updates via emails and SMS at every stage of their laundry's journey. This transparency not only keeps customers informed but fosters trust and satisfaction.

And payments? CleanCloud has that covered too. Whether it's an advance, a partial payment, or the full amount upon collection, the system handles it effortlessly, eliminating the complications associated with advance and split payments.

Workflows for Laundromats and Dry Cleaners

In the world of laundromats and dry cleaners, process is king. It can be the difference between making and breaking your business. A clear, streamlined process not only ensures efficiency but also reduces the margin for error. Just like a chink in the armor can compromise its strength, a minor lapse in process can lead to major setbacks in customer service and subsequently a 1 star review. And in today's digital age, a single negative review can cast a long shadow, potentially impacting future business and tarnishing your reputation.

As the number of orders grows and the complexity of services increases, relying solely on pen and paper or generic POS systems can be a recipe for disaster.

When you rely solely on pen and paper or generic POS systems, you expose your business to several risks. For instance, maintaining records of customers, their number of orders, and preferences becomes a tedious and error-prone task. You may end up wasting time looking for information you've scribbled down somewhere or asking customers the same questions each time they come in—leading to customer annoyance.

Even when one staff member knows a customer well, that valuable information may not be accessible to another staff member. The inefficiency becomes more glaring when you have to go through old receipt books to find a customer's contact information because it wasn't written down on the new order slip.

To mitigate these risks, you need a system that's specifically tailored for the intricacies and dynamics of the laundry and dry cleaning industry. One that understands that every garment has a unique story, from its fabric type to the specific cleaning instructions. A system that can seamlessly integrate various stages, from drop-off to cleaning, and finally to delivery, ensuring that no detail, however minute, is overlooked.

Stepping into this gap is where specialized tools like CleanCloud come into play, offering not just a POS system but a complete laundromat and dry cleaning solution designed with the industry in mind. It’s almost like an operating system, but for your laundry or dry cleaning business.

Where generic POS systems simply register the transaction, CleanCloud dives deep into the intricacies of the garment cleaning process. At the outset, when a customer drops off their laundry, CleanCloud's integration with weight scales ensures precision in weight measurement, even accounting for the additional water weight in damp items. You can then re-weigh the order upon closure, ensuring accurate billing for customers. Trust us when we say customers do NOT want to pay for water weight.

Then comes the advanced tagging system. Instead of relying on rudimentary labeling or manual tracking, each bag of laundry gets a unique tag which is tracked in the system. This eliminates mix-ups and ensures each garment returns to its rightful owner.

Special requirements? No problem. CleanCloud allows for easy addition of upcharges, be it for heavily soiled garments, items requiring bleach, or those that need hand pressing. Every specific need is addressed, ensuring customers get value for their money.


If you’re running a dry cleaning operation, the detailing page is where specialized POS systems like CleanCloud really shine against the more generic competition.

Think of each garment as a character in a story, each with its own narrative and nuances. Every piece that enters the establishment carries its unique tale, from pre-existing stains and wear to specific customer preferences and care instructions. While the allure of pen and paper or the basic functionalities of generalized POS systems might seem adequate, they often falter when faced with the depth and detail required in dry cleaning operations.

For instance, consider the customer who brings in five white shirts, each with its distinct care instructions. The detailing section ensures that these specifics, whether it's starching for some or special stain treatment for others, are documented. This level of detail not only guarantees perfect care for each item but also safeguards your business from potential disputes regarding pre-existing garment conditions or treatment preferences.

There are other benefits as well to the detailing section. Rather than consuming precious time detailing each item during the customer's visit, the process can be deferred to a more convenient time, ensuring faster checkouts for the customer. Moreover, by detailing at a quieter, more convenient time, staff can give each garment the attention it deserves without feeling rushed. This ensures that specific care instructions and nuances of each item are captured with precision.

Ultimately, the detailing section promotes transparency. Special services, be it removing a stubborn stain or mending a button, often come at an extra cost. CleanCloud simplifies the process of adding these upcharges and upholds transparency by notifying customers of any adjustments to their bill. In a world where clarity and trust form the bedrock of customer relationships, detailing serves as a crucial tool, bridging the gap between dry cleaners and their customers.

Order Process Tracking

Once a garment begins its cleaning journey, the stakes rise considerably. With pen and paper, the process unfolds with scribbling on notepads or the hurried attaching of labels to garments. The vulnerability of this system becomes evident when a hastily written label detaches or becomes illegible, throwing the entire order into disarray.

Meanwhile, for those relying on generic POS software, the approach isn't much better. It often entails a juggling act between the POS interface and a spreadsheet program like Excel. Rows upon rows of color-coded entries attempt to mimic the flow of garments through the cleaning process. But this fragmented approach has its pitfalls. Transferring data between systems introduces opportunities for errors, and a mislabeled row or a misclick can skew the entire order's tracking.

For our users migrating from generic POS systems or pen and paper, discovering CleanCloud's order process tracking feels akin to taking the red pill in The Matrix. Suddenly, you're introduced to an entirely new reality, one where precision, clarity, and efficiency reign supreme. This transformative realm is the Machines Page. However, in stark contrast to the dystopian future of The Matrix, in this alternate CleanCloud universe, the machines are not our adversaries. Instead, they're our allies, working seamlessly to ensure every garment's journey is tracked meticulously, from start to finish. Welcome to a world where machines truly serve us.

In CleanCloud, the Machines Page integrates each garment's journey, from its initiation in the washers to its transition to the dryers, and its eventual completion at the folding station. It offers laundromat owners a real-time, comprehensive visual representation, eliminating the need for makeshift spreadsheets or precarious paper tags. This not only ensures that every garment receives the meticulous care it deserves but also eliminates the operational blind spots that can lead to errors. Orders can be arranged by their scheduled time or due date, allowing employees to navigate the workflow with precision.

The Machines Page also equips operators with insights on the number of cycles and the cumulative operational hours of each machine. As the old adage goes, "Prevention is better than cure." In the world of laundromats, it's not just better—it's also more cost-effective. By proactively addressing wear and tear, you not only extend the life of your machines but also avoid the costly downtimes and repairs that come with unexpected breakdowns.

Pick Up and Delivery

Offering pick-up and delivery is more than just a service extension; it's a business growth strategy. By expanding your service area, you're tapping into a market segment that values convenience, potentially driving a substantial increase in revenue.

While it is impossible to do pick up and delivery on pen and paper, you can get by with a combination of a generic POS system and other programs such as Excel. While the concept sounds simple, the execution is far from it. Many standard POS systems, built primarily for in-store transactions, struggle to accommodate the nuances of pick-up and delivery. The challenges range from scheduling and route optimization to upfront payments and customer notifications.

Bridging the gap between these challenges is where specialized POS software shines.

With CleanCloud you have at your disposal a pickup and delivery booking widget that can be embedded directly into your website, enabling customers to easily schedule a pick-up at a time that suits them. Once booked, the slot is directly integrated into the CleanCloud system, ensuring that the driver is notified and the order is logged.

Speaking of drivers, CleanCloud offers a dedicated driver app with route optimization. Instead of manually figuring out the best route, our algorithm charts out the most efficient path for pick-ups. This not only saves time, reduces fuel costs but also ensures timely pick-ups and deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Another challenge that laundromats often face is payment collection for pick-up services. With CleanCloud, businesses have the option to collect payments at the time of booking, reducing the risk of payment defaults.

And if you’re still on the fence on setting up your own vans for deliveries, CleanCloud integration with DoorDash offers a viable alternative. It allows you to leverage DoorDash's delivery network, eliminating the need for a dedicated fleet and allowing you to launch a pick up and delivery service, essentially overnight.

Customer Experience and Marketing

When Al Pacino in the hit movie ‘Any Given Sunday’ said “Life is just a game of inches. So is football”, he forgot to mention laundromats and dry cleaners. Every decision, every customer interaction, and every garment treated represents a crucial play, where there is no margin for error.

In today's digital landscape, where word of mouth can spread faster than wildfire, the importance of a good reputation cannot be understated. A single negative review can be the difference between a thriving business and one struggling to stay afloat. A game of inches. It's not just about cleaning clothes; it's about ensuring that every touchpoint, every experience resonates positively with customers.

For every stage of the cleaning process, be it washing, drying, or folding, CleanCloud can automatically send out SMS or email updates to customers. This constant communication not only keeps customers informed but also fosters trust and loyalty.

Once a service is completed, an automated email is triggered, seeking feedback. The Negative Review Gating feature operates like a star linebacker in the game of reputation management. Just as a linebacker anticipates plays, intercepts passes, and tackles any threats, this feature intercepts less-than-stellar reviews, ensuring they're addressed internally with public scrutiny. It's a win-win: customers feel heard, and businesses get a chance to refine their offerings.

But the playbook doesn't end there. Integrated marketing tools allow for targeted SMS or email campaigns, enabling you to offer tailored discounts. The aim? To not just attract but to retain and delight customers.

Customer experiences like these are just not possible with generic POS systems or broad-based email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. With CleanCloud you're equipped with a solution designed specifically for the nuances and intricacies of your industry. It ensures that every customer walks away not just satisfied, but genuinely impressed.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Laundromat Business

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of laundry and dry cleaning, businesses require tools that evolve with them, tools that address the industry's unique challenges and cater to its specific nuances. Specialized software like CleanCloud offers a depth and breadth unmatched by generic alternatives.

In the end, it's not just about cleaning clothes or managing transactions; it's about crafting experiences, fostering relationships, and ensuring that the processes play out seamlessly, every single day. As the industry continues to grow and redefine itself, embracing tools designed for its unique rhythm isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity for those aiming to grow.

Jeff Moak, owner of SuperClean Laundromat, shares his transformative journey from relying on pen and paper to implementing CleanCloud. "I thought that getting the system up and running was a time-consuming task, something I didn’t think I had time to do," he admits. "I got frustrated with having to re-enter all my sales figures into a spreadsheet a second time, not having easy-to-access records of previous orders, and not having a very good grasp of my 'Full Service' sales and who our customers were."

However, once he took the plunge and implemented CleanCloud, his perspective changed dramatically. 

"The onboarding team was awesome; they did most of the work for me. I just needed to provide a price list, and finally, after years of pen and paper, we were using a dedicated POS system," he says. "I can’t even begin to say how much time it gave me back to concentrate on other aspects of the business. A lot of store owners overlook this; they look at the cost of the POS, the hardware, and say, 'pen and paper is a lot cheaper.' They don’t realize how much of their time has been sucked into maintaining paper records and flipping through receipt books, all while not really knowing their business."

So why wait? Get started with CleanCloud today and sign up for a 14 day free trial. As Jeff Moak realized, the decision to switch could be the change that propels your business to the next level.

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