CleanCloud Feature Round-up

13th September 2023

Welcome to our special feature roundup, your one-stop spot to catch up on all the exciting updates we've rolled out over the past few months. We believe in constantly evolving and adapting to make your journey with us as easy as possible. Your feedback and needs matter to us, and we're excited to share the results with you.

We understand that in the world of laundry and dry cleaning, every feature and tweak can make a world of difference. That's why we're always on the lookout for ways to enhance your CleanCloud experience. In today's roundup, we'll dive deep into some of the standout updates that many of you have been eagerly awaiting. From a revamped review feature that amplifies your customer interactions, to significant enhancements in reporting and invoicing that streamline your operations, and the much-anticipated data export capabilities that offer you a whole range of new export options. 

Whether you're a long-time user or just getting started with CleanCloud, there's something in here for everyone! Let's get started.

Review Feature

Our review feature is the perfect tool to prompt reviews about an order. Sharing reviews and showcasing a positive experience is the ultimate marketing strategy if you are looking to attract new customers to your laundry or dry cleaning business. We’ve recently updated this feature to make it more interactive. Now, when your customers place an order, they'll be able to provide a rating to let you know how much they enjoyed their experience. These requests can be sent as SMS, email, push and as a new pop up in the customer app. You can also decide precisely when these feedback requests will be sent. 

We've also introduced a new metrics view. This feature will give you valuable insights into how your customers are responding, allowing you to fine-tune your business and deliver even better service!

Reporting Improvements

1. Order Issue Reporting

Occasionally, you might come across an issue with an item of clothing within a customer's order. This may be damage such as a rip in the seam, or a missing item. It’s useful to be able to report these so that you can make the customer aware of any issues upon completion.

Here’s how to report issues within an order. While on the cleaning or ready page, navigate to the specific order you wish to address, and click on the pencil icon located next to the items. In the following pop-up, click on the "Report Issue" button and provide a description of the problem. For example, one t-shirt missing from order.

After hitting enter, a red exclamation icon will appear, indicating that an issue has been reported. You can now review the details of the problem and see who reported it. Clicking on the red exclamation mark allows you to address the problem and provide a response.

2. CleanCloud Pay Payouts & Transactions

Earlier this year, we introduced CleanCloud Pay, our new payment system that allows customers to swiftly and securely handle transactions both in-store and online. Since its launch, we've been rolling out a variety of updates to maximize its benefits for our valued customers. In our latest release, we’ve improved the reporting so you can now easily view and export a list of all CleanCloud Pay transactions and payouts from the data export page. This will help you keep track of all payments that are processed through our system.

3. Track Cleaning Info For Orders In Plant

Some of you may run your business using a plant which is a separate cleaning facility to process and clean orders. At CleanCloud, we provide these facilities with our interface to help manage the order workflow. With our recent update, you can use our orders data export tab to track the time that an order was cleaned and which employee from the plant processed the order. This will provide you with more detailed information about each customer order helping you keep track of items in the plant, while you are busy running your store.

Invoicing Improvements

1. Pay For An Invoice Using CleanCloud Pay & Clearent Terminals

There are many ways for customers to pay for their orders. Some of the main forms may be cash, card and even invoice. For businesses, invoice tends to be the more common choice mainly because they are an efficient way to manage finances. They are great for record keeping and tax purposes if a business needs to provide proof of expenses. Because of this, we have updated our integrated payment options such as CleanCloud Pay and Clearent to now accept invoice payments in-store. This will make your store more accessible for all payment preferences.

2. Apply Recurring Discounts To Repeat Invoices

Speaking of invoices, we have also improved the process with recurring discounts. For instance, you may have those regular customers who receive a discount on their monthly invoice. Usually you would have to enter in this discount manually each time the invoice is ready to be processed, and that can be time consuming! We’ve made some improvements, here’s how to activate recurring discounts for invoices.

Set up a new invoice as ‘repeating’ on the invoices page, add the amount in the discount section and simply submit the repeating invoice - it’s that easy! And if you ever need to tweak the discount, no worries – you can easily edit the amount at any time.

Data Exports

1. History Log

We’ve noticed how much you love to dive deep into your data, tracking everything from orders to sales and even how your staff are doing. We’ve recently rolled out a history log so you can easily see a list of your data exports in one place. Gain insight into various aspects of a report such as the number of stores involved, export date and the staff member who exported that specific file.

2. User Permissions

To grant specific users the ability to export data, we’ve also introduced a user permission feature. You can now control and assign privileges to specific staff members with ease. Here is how to activate user permissions:

Pop over to the 'User' section and click on 'manage user accounts'. Here you will see a list of all staff members. Edit a current user or add a new staff member using the 'add user' button up in the top right. From there, you can tune in all the right permissions, including the 'export data' option.

3. Detailing Exports

And for the last release of this feature round-up we’ve improved detail included on order reports. You can now track when the order was made, any mid-process changes and cleaning notes, and even the tiny tales of each garment such as stains or tare.

What a roundup, right? From exporting more in depth data to processing payments with ease, we are always working hard in the background to make sure CleanCloud is the best it can be for you and your business. We’re always inspired by your feedback and keep a close eye on our feature release board. If you are a customer of ours and have a feature you would like to suggest, pop over to our board now and let us know! And while you're there, go ahead and upvote any updates that catch your eye. If you are looking for some guidance on any of our feature releases, you can also head over to our help desk where you will find a bunch of articles ready to assist.

A big thank you for being the heart of CleanCloud, and here’s to many more exciting features ahead!

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