Customer Acquisition vs Retention

25th June 2021

Customer acquisition is the process of gaining new customers, whereas retention focuses on keeping them. While acquisition relies on your ability to attract new customers, the value of recurring revenue and likely future revenue from retaining existing customers is way more.

Both are essential for growth, however customer acquisition is on average 5x more expensive than retention. (This varies from industry to industry, however as a rule of thumb, the numbers are staggering).

So what's more important: acquisition or retention? The truth is that neither one outweighs the other, however in practice, business owners often disregard retention by focusing all their energy on acquisition. Hence why we want to remind our community of the importance of customer retention and how we can help your business do this. Here's a rundown of how CleanCloud is designed to reward those most loyal to you:

Promo Codes

Promotional codes can be created and deployed directly from your POS, with or without an expiry date. Choose if it’s a one time or unlimited use promo (once per order for unlimited orders), a seasonal (Christmas) promo or a celebratory promo (e.g. your country wins the world cup).

Loyalty Points

Customers build up points relevant to their spending history that can be converted into in-store credit. Attach this scheme to your website, social media and outbound marketing and see for yourself its potential.

Sophisticated Marketing Tool

Use this industry leading tool to send out emails/SMS messages with recently created promo codes, carousel offers and more to your existing contact database. Link your new Pickup and Delivery booking tool on here, create ‘10% Off All In-Store Orders This Week’ to promote footfall increase. The opportunities are endless!

Automatic Notifications

Constantly keeping your customers engaged throughout the sales and cleaning process is the best way to make them feel valued. Our POS is designed to automatically keep your customers informed and can even notify them of every order update in the cleaning process.

New Customer Relationship Manager Tool

Providing all the history and spending data of each client, total spend, average spend, order history, payment history, unused loyalty points and more. By actively reminding clients of unused loyalty points (credit towards orders), your store will be heaving with customers in no time!

Loyalty/Product Discount Rules

Define rules that will auto-apply discounts to your customer accounts if they spend over a certain amount. These rules automatically kick in when the POS detetcts the trigger.


Set up a monthly subscription service to automatically charge clients a set amount, giving your customers access to tiered levels of subscriptions and services depending on which they choose.

Promo Carousel

These appear at the top of the homescreen on the customer app or website booking tool. A creative way to capture your customers' attention as soon as they log in. You can even reward them with 10% off their first online order.


Our sophisticated metrics page lets you recognise your most popular customers by orders, sales and revenue, the top selling items (you can target these for promotions), alongside a general overview of all things business related. Powerful yet simple.

Customer acquisition food for thought:

Our revolutionary Review Module allows for your business and online ratings to soar, appearing higher up in Google and Facebook searches and promoting your success locally. A great way to increase organic business growth directly from your POS by letting the customer do the work for you!

Please contact our sales team here for more information on anything mentioned in this article!

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