2nd April 2021

Meet our Customers - Mary Vega

We caught up with Mary Vega who helps run Laundrymen.

Tell me a bit about yourself and the business?

We started in 2014, Howard is the owner and I am the office manager and handle everything else. We are an exclusively pickup and delivery business. We come directly to people’s front doors, dorm rooms etc and then bring it back cleaned!

I run the office out of Montana, and the guys run the show in North Carolina. CleanCloud has been fantastic for this as it gives me the opportunity to run half-way across the country and be completely synchronized with exactly what they are doing back in North Carolina. Hilariously, our customers don’t even know I am not in the house!

What did you do before CleanCloud?

Before CleanCloud we were running off google maps and spreadsheets. Then in November of last year (2020) we signed up to CleanCloud. We broke away from the plant that we had been working with and decided to take everything in house. We needed software to be able to track all of our customer orders and everything else. CleanCloud was the perfect solution!

What was the transition like to CleanCloud?

The transition was really easy. We were already working with spreadsheets, so importing our data was simple. The CleanCloud team basically did all of that for us.

It was really intuitive, and so easy to get started! Our customers love being able to have text reminders, and we love not having to manually doing them! Customers have all their reminders automatically generated, they know when their driver is on the way to pick up their bags- it is really great!

Is Pickup & Delivery a core part of the industry?

So obviously we are exclusively pickup and delivery, and I think that says it all. I am so surprised that there aren’t more businesses trying in North Carolina. There are a lot of small p&d and wash and fold services and they are missing out launching into today’s commercial world in my opinion. We have picked up two or three of these small businesses over the last couple of years who haven’t been able to make it.

Has your business grown with CleanCloud?

We have been with CleanCloud for a fairly short amount of time. But what I have noticed is we have gotten a lot more customer response to our emails, there are messages and the systems that CleanCloud is set up to work better than our MailChimp had ever-ever done! So many more people actually see the messages. The general communication that we now have with our customers is so much better it has improved the way we manage and the efficiency of our business.

How did you find the staff training?

So, it has mainly been me and the two owners and then we have our dry-cleaning plant people and wash-dry fold team who input things into CleanCloud. It has been fantastic, everything has been on point. Everyone seems to have got hold of it really quickly, because it is so intuitive and the way the software has been set up to be able to create orders and define orders, we have been thrilled with CleanCloud and our ability to easily and quickly make invoices, make payments and generally everything we need to do to be able to interact with our customers. Having everything contained to one place and one system is fantastic- and I cannot stress this enough.

CleanCloud University is where we first went to find out all the information about the software, and work through how the system works and how our workflow would fit within the system. It is a really great tool so you don’t have to rely on your own initiative to understand the software, the resources are all available for you.

What are your favourite CleanCloud features?

I really love the recurring pickups, because I don’t have to worry and I know once it’s set up that it is going to show up for my drivers to pickup- that is really useful.

As in other things we find valuable in the CleanCloud world would definitely be the customer management window where you can see all of your orders, you can see what they have and what’s going on. In addition to this you can see the average spend and when their last service was, how long they have been with us.

In addition to features, the webinar that CleanCloud runs every month is great for keeping us informed about all the new things and updates to the software- and there are always so many new things requested by us as your customers that I see being acted on from the CleanCloud team.

How do you feel about the support that CleanCloud provides

Oh, my God. So, the support team, I don’t think I have ever found a better support team. If they can’t answer a question, they will find the answer to the question. I have given them so many weird random things that just happened, and I am like: I don’t know what this is and they fix it. Every time, if they can’t either… If they don’t have the solution upfront, they will… we will go back and forth until we figure it out! And that is not what most support teams do!

And you know, between the support team always being there and being very prompt with their responses and the webinars and the constant releases of new features and updates, it actually feels like your company is listening to your customers, which again is not something that you find very often these days.

Do you feel that CleanCloud is constantly innovating and provides you with the things your business needs?

Definitely-definitely! More than a few of the feature requests that we have made, have actually come to fruition. I think it is so cool because you feel valued as a customer when they actually act on what their customers need. CleanCloud work towards the solution and then we have a solution and we can continue to grow our business and continue to grow with Cleancloud!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I cannot stress enough about how great it is to have everything in one straight-forward package. Before we had CleanCloud, we were doing authorised payments they were running through another program, which then had to be checked on quickbooks from the website, then we had to make all our route sheets, check no one had been missed, we had a Google maps that had all the little dots on it was just everywhere was everywhere- and if my story doesn’t stress this enough everything was just everywhere and now with CleanCloud everything is automated and run through one program.

Thank you so much for having such an excellent team and for caring about your customers and helping our business grow. It's lovely.

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