How to Make Your Business Theft Proof

10th February 2021

Within the cleaning industry there has been a general understanding that due to the nature of staff, staff turnover and general procedures it is expected that money can be lost at different stages.

As an industry, dry cleaners and laundries have had to learn to accept this loss of income, with very little ability to intervene without extreme effort and output from them. At CleanCloud we don’t think this should be the case. We have created a number of industry leading security features designed to protect your hard earned cash and tracking staff activity for your records.

For best practice on a store level, all shops should be well-lit with large windows for better visibility and security. A door entry alert system is also worth considering alongside security cameras and signage. You can reconcile CCTV with order times (for staff theft etc) and an alarm system for when unattended.

As an administrator on a POS level, you have the highest level of control over your account, and hence all the following applies to you. Here are some of CleanClouds impressive features:

User Security

Restrict your staff permissions and access within CleanCloud. Remove their ability to delete/edit orders, give discounts, hide your metrics page, change settings and more.

Track Staff Hours

Force staff to clock in before accessing POS. See their working hour reports, require staff to enter their PIN after X minutes of POS inactivity for more accurate user tracking.

IP Lock

Only allow employees to access your store account from specific locations (IP addresses) removing staff's ability to log in from home.

Cash Drawer Payouts

Log all cash drawer payouts and exactly who by and when, force staff to enter starting cash at the beginning of every shift to ensure it matches the cash up value from previous close.

Order Tracking

Log all edits, deletions, payments and who processed orders down to the minute in Menu > Search. Timings can be reconciled with CCTV for any discrepancies. The administrator email is notified every time an order is deleted and by who.

Edit Lock

Lock all orders between certain dates so staff can no longer edit them. This is particularly useful if you need to fully close your orders for a tax year.

Daily/Weekly Audits

Frequent audits determine exactly what should be in your store to ensure there is no theft incase orders are collected by customers and not paid for through the system.

Saved Cards on File

Having customer credit cards saved on file means employees are less likely to handle cash in an increasingly contactless society.

Driver Tracking

See where your drivers are and how long they have been at each location to make sure they are not abusing trust.

Metrics Page

See all staff productivity, edits, deletions, $value processed, cash drawer opens, payouts and more.

We have an informative video describing all of these and more here.

If you would like more information on any of the features mentioned above, CleanCloud has been advising businesses for years on the best ways to make your business more secure, for a brief consultation or general advice sign up/reach out below.

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