Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners

1st July 2021

Meet our Customers - Hamid from Richmond Hill

We caught up with Hamid who owns and runs Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners. Hamid joined CleanCloud and chose the Grow+ onboarding package to help him get up and running with CleanCloud.

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Tell me a bit about your business?

I run a dry cleaning business in Richmond Surrey called Richmond Hill Dry Cleaners.

How would you describe the onboarding process?

The onboarding process was really helpful, especially when I wouldn’t say I am the best with technology and understanding it straight away. I obviously did not know much about the system. Guiseppe was very-very helpful and also very patient with me. The onboarding generally was a really smooth process. It was very helpful.

How did you feel like you benefited from selecting an onboarding process

The most important thing was my understanding of the system, and how to make things work specifically for my business. I obviously had gaps in my understanding and CleanCloud treated me very well and were clear.

Did it help you get up and running quickly?

I think for me, I knew it was going to be time consuming and different to get quickly and properly up and running with the software. What I did first was set up the system at home. This allowed me to fully understand the system myself and make sure everything was set up correctly, also it meant when it came to training my staff I knew exactly what I was doing.

In regards to saving time as I mentioned I think depending on your competency with technology would really depend how long it could take people to completely understand CleanCloud. But I will say the onboarding process meant that I could ask any questions, no matter how stupid, and the CleanCloud team were there to help.

Business success

When I was explaining to my staff, it was so much easier because I knew exactly what they needed to know and how to do it in the most efficient way that suited my business workflow. It meant I was able to more successfully bring it to my business and execute it.

Would you recommend the Grow+ onboarding package?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it. Depending on your understanding of the system and technology would determine how many sessions you would need. I love CleanCloud!

The system was well set up and it was very useful to be able to go through the topics and queries that I specifically had with my onboarding manager. It was explained very clearly and also patiently. No question was a silly question and it made me feel at ease with adopting a new system.

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