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18th May 2023

Laundromats are an essential service, they’ve been a highstreet staple for years and serve a fundamental need for clean clothes, bedding, alterations and more. The main reason why laundromats are even more popular now? They are easy, simple and convenient. Customer’s day to day lives are busy, they’re juggling jobs, looking after the kids or just managing a busy schedule. With so many demands, why wouldn’t they cut out the laundry chore and simply head to their local laundromat. Due to this increase in demand, more laundromats are popping up around town making the industry more competitive. In order to flourish and maintain a competitive edge, it is key to prioritise revenue growth and business expansion.

At CleanCloud, a leading POS software for laundromats and dry cleaners, we have integrated with a variety of companies each adding their unique brushstrokes to our customers' growth and success. From running a seamless pickup and delivery service to promoting your laundromat with advanced marketing, we can help you find the exact tool you need to give your business that extra boost.

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is a leading on-demand delivery platform in the US that connects customers with local laundromats and dry cleaners. Via website or mobile app, customers have the flexibility to browse laundromat facilities and place orders for pickup and delivery. If you’re just starting a pickup and delivery service or looking to expand, using our integration with DoorDash might just be the perfect solution for you.

Reach new customers beyond your physical location and deliver convenience directly to their doorstep. Expanding your customer base translates into increased business opportunities and revenue potential. DoorDash maintains a vast fleet of delivery drivers that can cover a much larger geographical area compared to an in-house fleet helping you reach new clientele. This partnership is also cost effective as it eliminates the need to invest in vehicles, drivers and insurance.

2. Cobblers Direct

Our next strategic move leads us to a timeless service that has swiftly gained traction in this digital age, shoe repair. We partnered with Cobblers Direct, the largest shoe, belt and bag repair company in the US to provide our customers with the opportunity to add shoe repair to their service. Simply process the order, package the item to repair and ship to Cobblers Direct with a prepaid FedEx label, it’s that easy! This high quality service comes at no extra cost and you get to keep up to 20% of each order, a tangible boost to your revenue that fuels the growth and prosperity of your business.

3. ActiveCampaign

And at last but certainly not least, our integration with ActiveCampaign. Those who run a laundromat understand how important marketing can be, so we’ve upped our game by providing our customers with a cutting-edge tool that takes their business marketing to new heights. With ActiveCampaign, you’ll attract new customers, retain existing ones and increase revenue with advanced digital assets such as email templates, built in CRM tools and automated email workflows. Have an enticing promo code to offer? Create an email workflow and let your customers know all about it!

If you’d like more information on each of these integrations, head over to our CleanCloud help desk where you will find a variety of useful help articles.

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